You Have to Go to Know!-Ally Jobe

You Have to Go to Know!-Ally Jobe

Port Perry Rebels Leadership Camp

You have to go to know!-Ally Jobe

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Key Facts

Four dayprogram held in May at Youth Leadership Camps Canada near Orillia

Attended by approximately 140 Port Perry students from grade nine to twelve

Studentleaders from all PPHS leadership clubs

Grade 9 & 10 students nominated by teachers or self-nominated

Planned and led by students

Camp activities include workshops, adventures, team-building, skill development, planning sessions, music, recreational activities, a talent show, campfires, a dance

U Profile Desktop 2013 PPHS Camp shots disk 1 untitled 12 64C0 Copy jpg / At camp you learn the meaning of love and that it is essential to love yourself and others. Camp makes the inconceivable attainable and makes your dreams a reality. That’s the magic of camp.
~ Golda Greenspoon

Camp Goals

Providestudents with leadership training and opportunities to lead

Embrace opportunities to make a positive difference

Buildschool spirit and a welcoming culture

Increaseinteraction and friendships across grades and interests

Encouragethe participation of students with leadership potential who may be at-risk

Live, learnandlaughtogether

Createpositive memories that last a lifetime

Camp is a magical place where you can discover yourself, meet amazing new people, and share great memories. The best part though, is that the camp experience doesn`t end when you get back, it remains alive in the hearts of the student leaders to share with others.
~ MichelinaAguanno / U Profile Desktop Camp Photos for brochure 5 untitled 118 EB42 jpg

Benefits to Students

Develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and spirit to run clubs and make positive contributions to the school and community

Gainskills in areas like communication, problem solving, decision making, conflict resolution, and teambuilding

Participatein something that holds personal meaning

Celebratediversity and break down social barriers

Developa deeper sense of themselves, their strengths, and personal goals

Share knowledge and experiences

Expandtheir network of friends

Demonstrate the importance of character

Experiencenew roles and take creative risks

/ Camp can define your high school experience by creating an environment to be yourself. Followers become leaders, problems become solutions, and strangers become family. Everyone is welcome. It’s a place where the restrictions of the normal world melt away and the only things that remain are amazing people and good times.
~ Carter McHugh & Scott Sanders

Benefits to the Community

Producethe next generation of community leaders

Mobilizestudents to volunteer in theircommunity

Involveyouth in leadership development

Continueto plan the annual Durham Leadership Camp Council(DLCC) to support student led leadership programs in other schools

At camp you learn to be a better person, a better leader, and a better friend. Camp creates an environment where everyone feels comfortable to express themselves, develop relationships, learn, relax, laugh, and celebrate each other.
~ Xander Huggins /

Benefits to Port Perry HS

Developa dedicated group of student leaders who act as role models, promote participation among their peers, and nurture leadership potential in others

Increasecooperation, trust and teamwork among students, clubs, and staff

Generate school spirit, ownership and a supportive & welcoming school culture

Createa shared vision of the power of teamwork and a desire to take an active role

in school improvement

Celebratethe benefits of participation and maintain a range of extracurricular activities

that meet the diverse interests of students

/ At camp we learn how to be leaders without titles, positive role models who don’t need invitations or fancy positions to lead. Stretching outside comfort zones and feeling a sense of belonging is what camp is all about.
~ Emily Jones /
Leadership opportunities like Leadership Camp and the Ontario Student Leadership Conference are financially out of reach for some students. We believe they should be accessible to all interested students so once a year we work together to create a celebration that allows us to provide scholarships to student leaders who need some financial help.
Thank you to our Generous Sponsors:
Baagwating Community Association
Books Galore & More
Branching Out
Captain John’s Fish & Chips
Chrismar Mapping
Cuddly Bunny
Greenbank Lions Club
Greenbank Restaurant
Luke’s for Home
Ms. Cherry
Mr. Daly
Ms. Beckley
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Mr. Moon / Mrs. Morash
Ms. Schilling
Ms. Vavoulis
Paula Lishman
Pickles & Olives
Pita Pit
Plum Loco
P.O.E. Design
PPHS Culinary Arts Program
PPHS Student Council
Rotary Club or Port Perry
Square Boy Pizza
Yellow House Pizza

List of Things to Bring to Camp!

If it is the night before camp and you don’t know what to pack… here is the list!

Rain Gear
Warm Jacket
Heavy Sweater or Fleece
Long Pants
Underwear/Long Underwear
Outdoor Shoes
Indoor Shoes
Bathing Suit
Outfit for the Banquet
Costumes/Props for Talent Show / Other:
Sleeping Bag & Pillow
Sun Glasses
Insect Repellent
Beach Towel
Toothbrush & Paste
Other Personal Stuff
Water Bottle
Musical Instrument
Peanut-Free Snacks
Energy & Enthusiasm


  • At this time of the year it is very important to be prepared for both unseasonably hot and unseasonably cold weather! Listening to the weather report before camp will help you be prepared.
  • Perfumed soap/shampoo/make-up etc… attracts BUGS!!!
  • There is a tuck shop that sells treats & YLCC products.
  • Camp is a chance to UNPLUG and LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

(Students are responsible for all of their own personal belongings.)

  • Camp is about comfort not fashion!! Be comfortable. Be yourself!!!

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Travel Times

We leave PPHS on Friday at 9:00 AM. Bring your luggage and meet in the cafeteria. We will return to PPHS on Monday at about 3:00 PM so that students can take their regular buses home.

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