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Lesson 5: Effective Communication With Your Virtual Assistant

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Lesson 5: Effective Communication With Your VA

Having Effective Communication With Your Virtual Assistant is Paramount

Your working situation with a Virtual Assistant depends on a relationship, and relationships NEED great communication to survive.

Communication is key, and though there is more than one way to communicate effectively you need to find what works for you and your VA.

It needs to be clear at the start of the VA/Client relationship what your goals are.

Of course a good VA will know which questions to ask to get the

information she needs to do the job right but it will save you time (and money) to know how to effectively communicate with your VA from the beginning.

Communication Tip #1 - Main Goal of Project:

It is so important that you start every project with a clear goal or objective. What are you looking to achieve by completing this project? How do you plan to achieve it?

For example, if your VA is creating an opt-in page for you she'll need to know what the reason behind it is, why you want these visitors to sign up with your newsletter.

If you don’t set out your ultimate goals from the start a lot of time can be wasted wandering around doing various tasks but not actually getting anywhere.

Lesson 5: Effective Communication With Your VA

Communication Tip #2 – Tools

It’s entirely possible and more than likely that your Virtual Assistant will not live in your state, or maybe not even your country!

In a typical environment you might get a chance to meet face-to-face weekly to discuss goals, but in a virtual position this just isn’t possible.

There are so many ways that you can communicate over the internet that makes this working relationship a reality. Though email and text

chats can have a very important place in your correspondence; emotion tends to really get lost over the world wide web.

It is a very good idea to keep in contact with your VA over the telephone on a fairly regular basis. It doesn't have to be a long call, even 15 minutes once a month to do a quick review of your goals and changes, etc.

Communication Tip #3 - Email Organization

Emails can pile up in an inbox, and a busy VA gets a lot of emails!

When sending each email it's a good idea before you hit 'send' to make sure you keep each email to a specific topic so that everything doesn't get lost and jumbled.

Also as a VA I've found it to be VERY helpful when a client puts in a specific Subject Line, that way the email can be found quickly when needed.

Lesson 5: Effective Communication With Your VA

Another way to save your VA time (and you from paying for that time) is to send all work in a form that can be easily downloaded and saved to a computer file.

Depending on what you are sending you could use a Notepad, word or even a zipped file for something larger.

Emails also tend to get lost in cyberspace and not even make it to your VA at all.

If you have large projects going on consider getting a project management program where you can keep track of all the tasks and messages relating to your project without having to rely on email messages.

Good communication is so important to a productive relationship with you VA so please don't overlook it or it could end up costing you money!

It may take some time to find what works best with your virtual assistant but the rewards will be well worth the effort.

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Lesson 5: Effective Communication With Your VA

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