World History Lesson Plans September 8-11

World History Lesson Plans September 8-11

World History Lesson Plans September 8-11

Tuesday: 9/8

Topic: Alexander the Great

Resources: PowerPoint: “Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic World He Created”


Philip of MacedonAlexander the Great


Euclidgeocentric theory


1. What advantages/disadvantages did Alexander the Great have as he began his career of conquests?

2. Why were his men so loyal to Alexander?

3. How did Alexander the Great defeat the Persians?

4. Why did Alexander abandon his eastward expansion in 326 BCE?

5. What immediately happened to Alexander the Great’s empire?

6. Why did alexander’s empire ultimately collapse?

7. What is meant by the term “Hellenism”? Where was it most influential in the ancient world?

8. Identify some of the effects that Alexander’s conquests had on the Greek peoples?

9. Why can it be said that the Age of Alexander the Great marked the first truly international culture in history?

Wednesday: 9/9

Topic: Founding of Rome

Focus Question: Why do we study the Romans?

Resources: Map Activity, Atlas, Etruscan PowerPoint, reading #2:"Roman Law and the Twelve Tables."


Romulus and RemusEtruscans





Twelve Tables


1. Map of Ancient Rome

2. Geography of Rome questions

3. Legendary Founding questions


Read Section One and answer the following questions:

1. On what peninsula is Rome located?

2. Why could Italy support a growing population?

3. Name several things the Romans learned from the Etruscans.

4. Who made up the land-holding class?

5. What was the job of a consul?

6. Who ruled with complete control of government in event of a war?

7. How did the Plebians gain power?

8. Why were the Twelve Tables significant?

9. What legacy did the Roman Republic leave?

10. What was the basic unit of Roman society?

11. How would you describe the ideal Roman woman? How did her role change over time?

12. How was Roman religion similar to the Greeks?

13. Why did Roman citizens make good soldiers? How did Romans ensure success?

14. How did Rome treat conquered peoples?

14. How did Rome protect its conquests?

Thursday: 9/10

Topic: From Republic to Empire

Focus: What factors led to the decline of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire?


ImperialismJulius Caesar


Tiberius GracchusGaius Grachus



ScipioIdes of March


reading:"Roman Slavery, Gladiators, & the Spartacus Revolt."

Note-Taking Study Guide Graphic Organizer

Teacher Prepared Questions

reading:"The Deeds of Augustus Caesar."


Read Section two and the Reading and answer teacher prepared questions.

1. Discuss Roman imperialism.

What were the causes and results of the Punic Wars?

2. Explain attempts at reform made by the Gracchi brothers and Caesar.

3. Why did Caesar’s rivals feel they had to kill him?

4. reading: "The Deeds of Augustus Caesar." And answer the following questions:

* According to the information in this document, why was Augustus Caesar a
successful leader/ruler?
* In light of his account, why was he able to come to power?
* What was Augustus' appeal to the Roman Senate and to the Roman people?
* How does Augustus' rise to power compare with that of Julius Caesar? What
are the similarities?
* Both Augustus and Julius Caesar obtained their positions during times of
political strife and uncertainty. What does this fact indicate about Roman society?

5. In summary, why were the Romans willing to sacrifice their Republican form of government and grant absolute power to one leader?

Friday: 9/11

Topic: Roman Achievements

Focus: How did the advances in the arts, learning, and the law show the Romans/ high regard for cultural and political achievements?





Note-Takin g Study Guide Section Three

reading #2:"A Vast and Powerful Empire."

PowerPoint:"Roman Arts, Architecture and Engineering."


1. Read Section Three and complete the Note-Taking Graphic Organizer

2. Do reading and answer these questions:
*How did Roman culture spread throughout the provinces during this time?
* Why was the Age of Augustus known as the Golden Age of Roman literature?
* What did the Roman poet Vergil have in common with the Greek poet, Homer?
* What were some of the key Roman virtues expressed in Vergil's epic poem,
The Aeneid?
* Why was Aeneas labeled a Stoic?
* What were the major themes emphasized by the Roman poets Horace and Ovid?

3. Explain how Roman writers promoted patriotism.

4. Explain how Roman architecture differed from Greek architecture. Do the same for sculpture.

5. Explain how Romans used science, medicine, and mathematics to improve life in the empire.

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