World History Lesson Plans September 28 Through October 2

World History Lesson Plans September 28 Through October 2

World History Lesson Plans September 28 through October 2


Focus-The Middle Ages

UEQ-How did feudalism, the manor economy, and the Church shape life in Western Europe as the region slowly developed a new medieval culture?

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Resources to be used with this unit:

Slideshares-Early Middle Ages

The Middle Ages: Introduction

English Medieval Literature

Music Medieval Period-Early Music History Pt. 1

Audio Guided Map Tour: Empire of Charlemagne, 768-843 (Web Code-nap-0711)

Invasions of Europe 700-1000 (Web Code-nap-0712

Introduce Section One

EQ-How did German tribes divide W. Europe into small kingdoms.


ClovisBattle of Toursmedieval


Charles MartelVikings

Read Chapter 7, Section One and answer the following questions.

  1. Why has the Early Middle Ages sometimes been called the Dark Ages?
  2. Why is this assessment incorrect?
  3. Describe Western Europe after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire.
  4. Identify the Germanic tribes that conquered parts of the Roman Empire.
  5. How did the Germanic culture differ from that of the Romans?
  6. Who conquered the former Roman province of Gaul in 486?
  7. What was significant about Clovis’ conversion to Christianity?
  8. Which religion began on the Arabian Peninsular?
  9. Why was the Battle of Tours significant?
  10. How did the Germanic tribes govern their kingdoms?
  11. Complete the Note-Taking Chart on page 216.
  12. What did the missi dominici do?
  13. What curriculum was offered at the PalaceSchool at Aachen?
  14. Who took the throne after Charlemagne’s death?
  15. What did the Treaty of Verdun accomplish?
  16. How would you describe Charlemagne’s legacy?
  17. Describe the invasions of Europe that took place after Charlemagne’s death.

Homework: Read Section two and define the terms on page. 219


Go over questions completed on Monday

Enrichment: Video documentary-“Age of Charlemagne?

Students will take notes.


Focus: Section Two-How did feudalism and the manor economy emerge and shape medieval life?

Target Term: Feudalism





Slideshare: The Middle Ages-Introduction

Students will take notes

Ask: How did a lord benefit from giving his lands away as fiefs?

What was the relationship between lords and vassals?

Topic-The World of Knights and Nobles

Ask-How would you describe the occupation of a knight?

  1. Training
  2. Knighthood

Infographic: Interactive (Castles) – Web Code-nap-0721

Compare/Contrast: Compare the rights and obligations of noblemen and noblewomen during the Middle Ages.

Ask: How did Eleanor of Acquitaine expand the usual role of medieval women?

Enrichment video:-“Women in Middle Ages”

Chivalry: Explain the code of chivalry.

Topic: How did the Manor System work?

Writing Activity: Choose a group discussed in section two and describe what life was like for them in medieval society. Choose from the following: Lord, Noblewoman, Knight, Peasant (Complete for Homework)

Also do the Online Progress Monitoring: Web Code: naa-0721


Focus: How did the Church play a vital role in medieval life?

Introduce terms on page 225.

Students will read Chapter 7, Section 3 and do the following

  1. Define/Identify the terms
  2. Complete the graphic organizer below.


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