Word Wall Words : Could, Just, Own, Under, Say, Before

Word Wall Words : Could, Just, Own, Under, Say, Before

Weeks of March 13th and 20th

Word Wall Words :could, just, own, under, say, before.

These will be introduced on Tuesday and we will continue to review and do activities with them throughout the next 2 weeks. Please practice them at home each night using the word ring your child will create in class. Please make sure to complete the center box on the Word Wall activities paper for homework. Students should know the words by next Friday (3/24).

Spelling Sorts:

The spelling patternis listed on the colored sheet. When studying the spelling pattern with your child, please focus on the sound we are working on or the rule, rather than just memorization. Your child will be tested on some of those words as well as similar words. Spelling test: Friday, 3/24

Please remember to read each night and record your reading in your reading log.

Monday, 3/13 Review new spelling sort (cut sort and only glue headings like we do in school, then practice sorting and spelling sort words all week). Test: Friday, 3/24

Tuesday, 3/14 Word Wall Activities- Due next Friday

Wednesday, 3/15 Worksheet

Thursday, 3/16 Worksheet

Remember to wear green tomorrow!


Monday, 3/20 Worksheet

Tuesday, 3/21 Worksheet

Wednesday, 3/22 Worksheet

Thursday, 3/23 Practice spelling and WWW

**Word Wall practice-Due tomorrow**

**Spelling test- Tomorrow**

Notes and Reminders:

▪Reminder- Please send in the permission slip and money for our class trip.Our trip to the Turtle Back Zoo is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25th (Rain date- Monday, May 1st).

Overview of the next 2 Weeks:

In Reader’s Workshop, we will read several new stories. We will enjoy a variety of mentor texts, some Dr. Seuss books (author of the month), as well as our leveled books. During our read alouds and in guided reading groups, students are working on a variety of comprehension skills, including retelling, inferencing, and predicting. We will continue with our unit on nonfiction. Students have begun to define non-fiction and explore non-fiction books. Over the next few weeks we will look at various features in a nonfiction text, (ex. table of contents, index, glossary, headings) and begin to understand the purpose of each feature.

In Phonics, students will learn to read and write words with the vowel teams -ay and -ai- (spelling pattern -CVV and CVVC, such as play and rain).

For our grammar point for the week, students will practice reading and writing verbs with the inflectional endings: -s, -ed, ing.

In Writer’s Workshop, we have almost completed the final copies of our realistic fiction stories. Students will have an opportunity to share his or her story. We are preparing to begin our “How to” Unit in writing.

In Math, we will work on Chapter 8- Two digit Addition and Subtraction. This week we will add and subtract within 20, draw models to add tens and draw models to subtract tens. The students will use a hundreds chart to find sums. The students will also use concrete models to add ones or tens to a two-digit number. The students will use the “make a ten” strategy to add a two-digit number and a one-digit number. Think Central is a great way to reinforce and enrich previously taught and new skills and concepts.

In Science we will be focusing on motion by experimenting with tops.

Spring is in the air… enjoy the extra hour of sunshine!