Why Do We Need to Expand Wyvern School?

Why Do We Need to Expand Wyvern School?

Wyvern School
Education Consultation

To Parents/ Carers,Staff and Governors, 8 September 2015

Kent County Council is proposing to expand Wyvern School, Ashford from 190 to 270 places (by 80 places)

Why do we need to expand Wyvern School?

Ashford’s population continues to grow, and we need to ensure that all children from within the Borough are able to access a good, local school. In recent years the school has been able to accommodate additional pupils by making internal alterations to the building. It is designated for 157 pupils, but it is currently catering for 206 pupils (190 aged 3-19 years and 16 nursery pupils). We now need to extend the school’s building to provide for future demand and change the school’s designated number to match the new capacity.

In order to ensure all local 4 year old children can be admitted, the school will operate an additional Reception/Year 1 Class in September 2015. We know from colleagues in the health service that we will need to repeat this in September 2016. It is sensible, therefore, to plan for the longer term and provide the school with sufficient accommodation to allow it to have a two form intake throughout its age groups. This means it would have a designated number of 270 (plus 16 nursery places). We are not increasing Wyvern’s nursery provision as the school currently supportsa number of nursery children in their mainstream nursery settings and this will continue in the future.

We recognise that in the long-term, demand for support for youngsters with SEN will continue to grow as Ashford expands. We anticipate addressing this through increasing the opportunities available by operating different support models, for example, places at Wyvern, satellite provision in local mainstream schools and increased outreach to help pupils remain in mainstream provision.

Are there any plans to show how this expansionwill be delivered on site?

When the school was extended in 2012 it was designed with a further extension in mind. We are currently working up the detail of the additional accommodation to ensure it meets current requirements. It will be permanent accommodation. The new accommodation will provide improved facilities alongside the new classrooms, e.g. a medical room specifically for the primary department.

There will be a separate consultation on the design and layout of the proposed accommodation, once we have worked up the detail. You will have the opportunity to comment on them. Our Property Department will hold a pre-planning drop-in event at the school, where parents/carers, staff, governors, local residents and other interested parties will have an opportunity to view the plans, ask questions and make comments. This will enable the design team to take everyone’s views into consideration before submitting final plans for approval.

How will the school deal with increased traffic?

The intention behind this proposal is to minimise travel journeys by enabling children to attend a local school. Currently we have children from Ashford having to travel to schools in neighbouring towns, something that places pressure on a wider road network. The additional places will be closer to the homes of many of its future pupils which will reduce journey times and distances.

As there will be more vehicles coming onto the school site, a traffic and parking assessment will be carried out as part of the design and planning process. Also, the school’s travel plan will be updated. The local authority and school are working together to promote independent travel where this is appropriate for the pupil.

Will the school need to close during the building work?

No. All of the building works will be planned carefully and contractors will work with the school to ensure that works are scheduled to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. The building site will be a secure area to ensure the health and safety of the children, staff, parents and visitors to the school.


This is the early stage of the consultation process and no final decisions have yet been made. This process is designed to establish the views of parents/carers, pupils, governors, staff and other interested parties.

A public meeting will be held at the school on Tuesday 15 September at 4pm where you will have an opportunity to give your views. The meeting will be chaired by a Kent County Councillor. KCC officers and school staff and governors will be able to answer any questions you may have. An indicative timeline is set out at the foot of the page.

How can I give my views?

There are a number of ways to give us your views on this proposal:

  • A meetingfor parents/carers, members of staff and governors will be held at the school onTuesday 15Septemberat 4pm, where you will havethe opportunity to ask questions and complete a response form.
  • You can send the response form to David Adams, Area Education Officer, Kroner House, Eurogate Business Park, Ashford TN24 8XU. Or you can hand it in at the school. All written responses need to be received by 11am onMonday 5 October 2015.
  • By emailing:
  • Visit for further information.

What happens next?

This consultation stage closes onMonday 5 October 2015. A report summarising the responses received will be submitted to the Cabinet Member for Education and Health Reform who will decide whether to proceed with the expansion and, if so, a public notice will be published in a local newspaper for a period of four weeks. During this time any person can comment on the proposal. Having taken into account any responses, the Cabinet Member will then take a final decision as to whether to proceed.

The consultation process – indicative timeline

Date / Activity
8 Sep – 5 Oct 2015 / Public Consultation Period
Tuesday 15 Septemberat 4pm / Meeting at the school for parents/carers, staff and governors
Public Notice period:
22 Oct – 18 Nov 2015 / If the Cabinet Member decides that the proposal should go ahead, a Public Notice will be published in a local newspaper, displayed at the school and on the school’s and KCC’s website. During this time comments and objections can be made about the proposal. The Public Notice will run for 4 weeks.
Nov 2015 / The Cabinet Member considers any responses made and decides whether to go ahead.
1 Dec 2015 / Implementation (if the proposal is agreed)
Sep 2016 / Permanent expansion of the school

RESPONSE FORM – Wyvern School

Please complete this response and hand it in at the school office or send it to David Adams, Area Education Officer, Kroner House, Eurogate Business Park, Ashford, TN24 8XU. Please return no later than 11am on Monday 5 October 2015.

Do you agree with the plan to expand Wyvern School?
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  • KCC is a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 and will comply with the requirements of the Act at all times, ensuring that your personal information is processed fairly and lawfully and in this instance used only for the purpose of validation, which will enable a fair and just consultation.
  • We have completed an Equality Impact Assessment to see if the proposal could affect anyone unfairly. We welcome your views on the assumptions we have made and the conclusions we have drawn. To view the document, go to
  • View the Commissioning Plan for Education Provision in Kent 2015/19here:
  • View KCC’s strategy for children and young people with special education needs and disabilities (SEND Strategy) here:

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