West Virginia Nonprofit Association S Awards for Excellence

West Virginia Nonprofit Association S Awards for Excellence

West Virginia Nonprofit Association’s
Awards for Excellence

The West Virginia Nonprofit Association’s Awards for Excellence are designed to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of West Virginia Nonprofit organizations and increase awareness of the impact of the nonprofit sector in communities throughout the state of West Virginia.

The foundation for the Awards for Excellence are West Virginia’s Principles and Practices for Nonprofit Excellence. The Principles and Practices document can be found on WVNPA’s website at

Eligibility and Criteria:

Created by the WVNPA, the awards are open to any 501(c)3 nonprofit organization located in West Virginia. There is no fee to apply for the award. Organizations do not have to be a member of the WVNPA to apply. Applications are welcome from small, medium, and large nonprofits as well as new or well-established organizations. Organizations can self-nominate or be nominated by someone else. Awards are based on the organization as a whole and not on one specific program. Winners will receive an award, be recognized at WVNPA’s annual conference in Charleston, October 12 & 13, 2017, on WVNPA’s website and in a statewide press release, and receive one free registration to the annual conference.

Awards:Three (3) awards will be given, one for each category:

-Organizations with operating budgets of $300,000 or less

-Organizations with operating budgets of $300,001 - $750,000

-Organizations with operating budgets of $750,001 or more

Timeline and Selection Process:

Applications must be received by August 31, 2017. Winners will be selectedand notified early September.

The award selection committee is an all-volunteer committee selected by the WVNPA’s Program Committee. All information submitted remains confidential. If you are a winner, you must be able to send at least one representative to the annual conference Oct. 12 & 13th.


Contact the WVNPA at 304-667-2248 or email .

West Virginia Nonprofit Association’s

Awards for Excellence Application

Organization: ______

Organization’s EIN: ______

Contact Name: ______

Address: ______

City: ______State: ______Zip: ______

Email: ______Phone:______

Website: ______

Section A: Award Category: (mark one)

Operating budget of $300,000 or less

Operating budgets of $300,001 - $750,000

Operating budgets of $750,001 or more

Section B: General Operations: (check one)

Do you have a strategic plan?Yes No

Do you have a mission statement?Yes No

Are you registered with the WV State Tax Department WV Business Division? Yes No

Have you filed your annual IRS 990 for the previous fiscal year?Yes No

Do you have Director and Officer and general liability insurance?Yes No

Do you ensure non-discriminatory service to your constituents?Yes No

Do you have an employee handbook?Yes No

Do you do annual performance evaluations?Yes No

Do you have a conflict of interest policy?Yes No

Section C: Principle Questions (Please limit your narrative to a maximum of 4 total pages for Questions 1 through 8)

  1. What is your mission and how does it guide the operation of your organization?
  2. Describe the process(s) you use to plan and implement the overall direction of your organization.
  3. Describe the role of your board of directors in governance of your organization.
  4. What are your organizational practices for ensuring financialtransparency and accountability?
  5. How do you ensure that your organization has the financial resources it needs to meet your mission?
  6. Describe your process for recruiting, training and managing employees and volunteers.
  7. Describe your most effective marketing tool.
  8. Provide a specific example of how you measure the impact of your organization.

Section D: Marketing piece or tool

Include one marketing piece or URL link from your organization that best visualizes your organization’s brand.


Authorized Signature

Completed applications are due August 31, 2017

Send an electronic version of your application and accompanying documents to: