Welcome to Montwood High School

Welcome to Montwood High School


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Mrs. Aguirre, Mr. Endlich, Ms. Fourzan, Ms. Padilla, Mrs. Patterson, Ms. E. Urquidi and Ms. Vega
English IV
Parent/Student Letter

Welcome to Montwood High School

July 30, 2012

English IV 2011-2012

12000 Montwood Avenue

El Paso, Texas79936

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians and Student:

Welcome to English IV British Literature. The objective for this course is to complete the final English IV component required for graduation. The course covers a timeline from Anglo-Saxon/Middle Ages, The Sixteenth Century, The Restoration and the Eighteenth Century, and a variety of post-modern novelist and poets. Also there is a research component which will prepare students for college level research practices. We are looking forward to working with you and your son/daughter. It is imperative that students understand the course objectives and classroom rules which are outlined in this letter.

  1. Syllabus

English IV Common Syllabus with additions made by English IV instructors will be distributed during the first week of classes.

II. Discipline/Rules

In order to provide students with an excellent learning environment he/she deserves, we are implementing the following discipline plan starting the first day of class. The philosophy is that all students can behave appropriately in class. We intend to conduct interesting and informative lessons that will help students achieve useful learning objectives. Therefore, we will not tolerate any student disturbing, distracting, hindering us from teaching, or preventing other students from learning.

Classroom Rules:

  1. Follow all directions/instructions the first time given
  2. Be on time and prepared to work when the tardy bell rings
  3. Bring books, homework, blue or black pen, notebook, and other class materials
  4. Treat everyone, the classroom, and the school’s property with respect and courtesy
  5. Students may not use electronic equipment during class (cellular phones, I-Pods, ect). In addition, cellular phones must be powered off inside any school facility. Cellular phones may only be used outside school facilities and only before and after school.
  6. No Food in classrooms!
  7. The Dress Code will be enforced and will strictly follow Montwood High School Student Handbook Policy.

Students are reminded to follow the dress code specifically as it applies to hats, appropriate attire for a positive learning environment, and body piercings.

If a student chooses to break a rule:

  1. 1st Violation:verbal or written warning (student conference)
  2. 2nd Violation: up to 15 minutes detention (student conference and Parent Contact).
  3. 3rd Violation: up to 30 minutes detention (Parent/Student conference)
  4. 4th Violation: Parent/Student conference and office referral
  5. 5th Violation: Immediate Office Referral

*If a student breaks school policy and uses a cellular phone during any portion of their class, the student will be given a MANDATORY writing assignment to complete at the student’s pace before cellular phone is returned. Administration will be informed. If YOU choose not to complete the assignment, a referral will be issued and a zero will be given for the day.

Positive Reinforcements

Students who behave in my classroom and complete their work may earn the following at our discretion:

  1. Verbal or written praise
  2. Extra credit opportunities
  3. Privileged exists-library or other class to complete assignments with teacher’s approval
  4. Other rewards approved by administration and teacher

III. Grading Policy

Students are required to turn in all assignments on time. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, he/she will need to arrange for assignments to be brought to the teacher by class time that day. If submitting an assignment on the due date is impossible, you must notify your instructor by phone or email. Students should inform the teacher if an absence is expected; however, this does not excuse a student from an assignment or a deadline. Students involved in School Activities and Sports must arrange in advance for class assignments.

Note: Most instructors do not accept late work. The school policy for late work is as follows:

  • It shall be the student’s responsibility to seek the opportunity to redo an assignment or test for which he/she received a failing grade within five school days upon which he/she received notification of a failing grade.
  • The grade earned when redoing an assignment or test shall be averaged with the grade earned on the first attempt, and the averaged grade shall replace the failing grade.
  • Students shall be given one opportunity to redo a failed assignment or test.

Students must make arrangements with their instructors to make up any daily assignments, quizzes, or tests. This policy will vary for students in P/AP, AP, and Dual Credit courses that contain student/parent contracts and are governed by college criteria/policy.

Assignment Due Dates: Students are responsible for insuring their work is completed and turned in on time. No late work will be accepted unless the student has an excused absence. It is the student’s responsibility to seek the opportunity to redo an assignment or test for which he/she received a failing grade and this must be accomplished within five school days from the notification of a failing grade. Students will have one day for each day absent (Excused) to make up work missed. The student is responsible for requesting any work assigned during an absence.

English IV (Regular)English IV (AP)

  1. 50% Daily Work45% Daily Work
  2. 40% Tests/Projects40% Test/Projects
  3. 10% Nine Weeks Final/Benchmark15% Nine Weeks Final/Benchmark

Each nine weeks will be comprised of a minimum of fifteen (15) daily grades, two (2) test/projects and one (1) nine weeks/final/benchmark grade(s). Every three weeks students will be required to sign a progress report. I will only notify parents during these progress reports if the student is failing. Progress reports will be sent home at the six week mark; please sign and return the report to me. Report cards can be picked up during Parent/Teacher Conferences during the 1-9 and 3-9 Week Reporting Periods.

IV.Classroom/Course Supplies (Teachers will specify)

Suggested Classroom supplies:

  • 3 Ring Binder/pocket folder
  • College ruled Notebook Paper
  • Blue or Black ink pen (only—no red, purple, or pink)
  • #2 pencil with eraser (for assessments graded via Scantron)
  • Liquid Paper (Optional)
  • Highlighters (Optional)
  • Post-It’s and Post It Flags (Optional)
  • Travel drive/jump drive
  • Kleenex Box, Clorox Wipes, Hand sanitizer, Lysol, paper towels, hand cream (depending on class period)
  • Cough Drops

In your child’s best interest, we hope that we can work together in relation to his or her education. The open lines of communication are crucial to student success. Werecommend that if you have any questions regarding your child’s progress in class, please contact us (list provided on page 5). Please sign below to indicate you and your child have reviewed all rules and policies indicated above. Please return signed agreement as this is the first grade your child will receive for the nine weeks. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us either by phone or email. The school number is 937-2400.

V. Office Hours/Conferences:

Individual office hours are posted at MHS English Department website and outside the instructor’s classrooms.

By signing below you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the terms of the English IV Department Discipline Plan/Parent Letter.


Print Student’s Name Student’s Signature Date


Student preferred email addressStudent cellular phone


Print Parent’s/Guardian’s Name Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature Date


Parent email addressParent home/cellular phone

Instructors may add to this letter to meet the individual criteria outlined for their courses (AP/Dual Credit).


Mrs. Aguirre, Mr. Endlich, Ms. Fourzan, Mrs. Padilla, Mrs. Patterson, Ms. Urquidi, Ms. Vega

English IV Team 2012-13

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