WATERAID - Mozambique

WATERAID - Mozambique

WATERAID - Mozambique


Job Title:Programme Manager–DFAT funded Programme

Length of Contract:Two years (renewable)

Location: Nampula,

Reporting to:WaterAidMozambiqueSenior Programme Manager - Urban


WaterAid is an International NGO dedicated exclusively to the provision of safe domestic water, sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people. This is done almost exclusively through providing support, advice and funding to local government, non-governmental and private sector organisations. WaterAid now works in 27 countries throughout Asia and Africa with Mozambique being the only Portuguese speaking country among them.

WaterAid Mozambique was awarded a grant by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trading (DFAT) to implement a WASH project. The project is focused on strengthening the enabling environment, increasing access to equitable and sustainable WASH and improving hygiene behaviour in the Municipalities of Cuamba and Quelimane in Mozambique and the activities will be implemented in underserved bairros, schools and health centres.

To coordinate all the activities within this project WaterAid intends to hire a Programme Manager (PM). The main responsibilities of this position are set out in this document.

I.Description of Main Tasks

The Programme Manager, as a senior member of WaterAid Mozambique staff, will be responsible for the overall management of WaterAid’s work in Quelimane and Cuamba providing technical support to WaterAid staff and partners in order to improve the quality of the facilities that it supports. The Programme Manager's work will be comprised of:

1. Programme Planning and Management:

  • Manage the DFAT funded project on a day-to-day basis in accordance with relevant both WaterAid and DFAT policies and the WaterAid Urban guidelines. This will include all aspects of staff, project and financial management and planning.
  • Prepare annual work plans and budgets for the DFAT funded Project and assist the SPM Urban in the development of annual budgets for WaterAid Urban programme in Mozambique.
  • Prepare quarterly, bi- annual and other project reports for the DAFT funded project and assist in the production of WaterAid Mozambiqueurban programme reports.
  • Produce and/or coordinate the production of specific proposals and reports for donors for fundraising purposes in-country and as and when required by the SPM - Urban.
  • Ensure that WaterAid's risk management and health and safety strategies/ guidelines/policies are implemented in all aspects of DFAT funded Project.

2. Partner management:

  • Establish new partnerships with appropriate local partner organizations [ NGOs, CBOs etc.] within operational areas of DFAT funded Project with a view to assisting them to implement integrated water, sanitation and hygiene promotion projects in line with the approved DFAT funded project and consistent with relevant WaterAid policies and guidelines.
  • Assist partners design, develop and monitor fully effective systems of project management that ensure that all steps of the project cycle are accomplished.
  • Build the capacity of partners working with other WaterAid staff members for effective delivery of programme outputs.
  • Ensure that new partnerships are approved according to WaterAid procedures and are implemented in a manner consistent with these approvals and relevant WaterAid policies and guidelines.
  • Support the partners develop transparent, decentralized, community-based planning and implementation processes that are inclusive of, and responsive to, the demands of communities and households, and the poor and disadvantaged in particular.
  • Support the partners to develop and enact effective financial management systems, and to prepare and submit financial and other progress reports in a complete and timely fashion.
  • Monitor the implementation of the partners’ annual, six-monthly and quarterly plans and report on progress towards agreed objectives.

3. Learning and Networking:

  • Establish and maintain good relationships with other agencies working in the water and sanitation sector in small townscontext and with officials of the government at Municipal level.
  • Liaise with other agencies and individuals regarding DFAT funded project with a view to learning from them and advocating the adoption by others of the project approaches and working methods.
  • Establish, develop and maintain relationships with other agencies working in the small towns context, academia, media and research institutions for the purpose of gaining information and advice on key issues.
  • Support the development and maintenance of strategic stakeholder relationships and partnerships within the government, civil and private sectors.
  • Participate in and contribute to WaterAid’s efforts to strengthen in country sector networks.

4. Technical Support :

The Programme Manager shall:

  • Work as the technical adviser for the DFAT funded Project providing Support to staff and partners.
  • Develop a simple, effective and participatory monitoring of quality in the water and sanitation facilities that will be supported by WaterAid Mozambique.
  • Support, advise and build capacity of WaterAid programme staff and partners in improvement of programmefacilities.
  • Develop and disseminate agreed standards for the programme facilities and ensure that they are adhered to.
  • Enhance safety issues as part of quality improvement.
  • Develop simple water quality monitoring and feedback system.
  • Promote and support innovation of affordable technologies in WaterAid’s programme.
  • Bring to the attention of the CR and other managers in WAMoz issues and concerns about quality in any of the programme areas.
  • Organize/facilitate capacity building activities for WaterAid staff and partners.

5. Management

The programme Manager shall:

  • Manage the recruitment, induction and appraisal of all staff for whom the Programme Manager is the line manager, including the development and implementation of individual staff development programmes for each of these staff members (currently none).
  • Manage consultants and make sure their performance is properly developed and managed.
  • Assist staff and consultants to develop periodic work plans and objectives and manage them against those objectives and plans.

6. Administration and Finance

The Programme Manager shall be responsible for administering the DFAT funded project in accordance with relevant donor and WaterAid policies, including:

  • Management of WaterAid and other donor grants and finance for the above mentioned activities as required by the Senior Programme Manager - Urban.
  • Application of the WaterAid Health and Safety Policy, Water Quality Monitoring and Testing Policy and Risk Management Strategy
  • Preparation of quarterly activity plans.
  • Management of WaterAid assets, including vehicles.
  • Maintenance of project files and documentation

7. Others

Other regular or occasional duties undertaken by the Programme Manager will include:

  • Responding to requests for information and reports from WaterAid’s Southern Africa Regional desk and/or Fundraising and Communications departments.
  • Collaborate with partners and programme staff in the production and dissemination of at least three (2) issue sheets/case studies each year detailing best practice/policy lessons etc arising from DFAT funded project work .
  • Attend meetings and conferences related to small towns work in-country and internationally, and represent WaterAid, as requested by the SPM - Urban
  • To undertake other activities as reasonably requested by the SPM - Urban.


a)The Programme Manageris one of the senior positions in WaterAid Mozambique. The Programme Manager is therefore expected to perform with a high degree of professionalism and to produce work of excellent quality. The Programme Manager is expected to work independently, showing good judgment, and applying initiative and persistence to deal with the unexpected and achieve the best result.

b)The Programme Manager will continually make efficient programmes for her/himself, arranging and prioritising tasks so as to achieve maximum efficiency.


Maputo Urban Programme Manager

The following points will be used to assess candidates for the post:


Essential / Desirable
University degree or professional qualification in relevant subject (e.g. health, anthropology, engineering, social sciences, development studies). / Post graduate degree in relevant subject (e.g. health, anthropology, engineering, social sciences, development studies).


Essential / Desirable
At least three years of strategic programme planning, implementation and management.
Practical experience in participatory community-based development programmes, including participatory planning, monitoring and evaluation.
Experience in water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion development programmes, including low-cost water and sanitation technologies in urban context
Experience in planning and implementing effective monitoring and evaluations systems.
Experience in the development of policies, guidelines and procedures.
Experience in programme and finance management.
Experience in the line-management of staff. / Experience of working at a senior programme management level.
Experience of implementing development programmes through and working with partner organizations (NGOs or local government).
Experience of working closely with or as an advisor to provincial or national level government agencies.
Experience in the development of successful funding proposals.
Off-road driving experience.
Experience of research methodologies, documentation of best practice and advocacy programmes.
Experience in initiating and managing change.

Knowledge and Skills

Essential / Desirable
In-depth knowledge of urban development issues.
Sound knowledge of water, hygiene promotion and sanitation development issues.
Sound knowledge of management of finances.
Sound knowledge of monitoring and evaluations systems.
Sound knowledge of capacity building processes and methods.
Sound knowledge of human resources management issues.
Excellent planning skills.
Excellent programme design and budgeting skills.
Excellent facilitation and training skills.
Excellent report writing skills.
Computer-literate (word processor and spreadsheet)
Drivers license
Excellent written and verbal Portuguese
Functional written and verbal English / Knowledge organisational development issues.
Knowledge of 'gender in development' issues.
Knowledge of advocacy and learning issues within the development environment.
Knowledge to government decentralisation laws, policies and processes.

Personal Qualities

Essential / Desirable
Evidence of a strong commitment to development work.
Fitness and willingness to spend substantial time working away from home.
Ability to work independently in the initiation of new approaches and development of existing ones.
Understanding of, and willingness to work within, the context of advisory partnership relationships.
Ability to work within a multidisciplinary team environment.
Ability to provide strong leadership within a participatory management environment.


Programme Manager DFAT JD