Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 2010 - Present

Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 2010 - Present

Max Forrester

Curriculum Vitae, March 2015

7208 Zephyr Place #2W♦St. Louis, MO 63143



I am a PhD candidate with major academic fields in pre and post-Civil War American history, and minor fields in American religious history and Latin American history. My dissertation, “Competing Destinies: Religious and Political Conflict in the Southwest Borderlands, 1803-1848,” investigates the relationship between religion and politics in the nineteenth century Southwestern borderlands. Through an examination of Anglo-American, Mexican, Francophone, and Indian polities, I contend that the course of the region’s history was largely shaped by the residents themselves and their competing ideas of destiny.


Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri 2010 - present

Graduate Student, Department of History doctoral program

Colgate University1999-2003

Bachelor of Arts in English

Awards and Fellowships

University of Notre Dame

Cushwa Center Research Travel GrantSpring 2015

University of Texas at Austin

William and Madeleine Welder Smith Research Travel AwardSpring 2014

Washington University

Humanities Digital Workshop FellowshipSummer 2012

Lynne Cooper Harvey Fellowship in American Culture Studies2010-15

Frankel Fellowship 2010-11


Review in Grant Wacker’s America’s Pastor: Billy Graham and the Shaping of a Nation in The Common Reader. Forthcoming.

Max Forrester ~ CV

Teaching Experience

Teaching Assistant, Department of History, Washington University

  • “Reading Early Modern Politics Through Game of Thrones” Spring 2015

(Primary Instructor, Alexendre Dubé)

  • “History of US Foreign Relations: 1920-1989” Fall 2014Spring 2014

(Primary Instructor, Elizabeth Borgwardt)

  • “Western Civilization I”Fall 2013

(Primary Instructor, Derek Hirst)

  • “Law in American Life: 1776 to the Present”Spring 2013

(Primary Instructor, David Konig)

  • “Freedom, Citizenship, and the Making of American Life”Fall 2012

(Primary Instructor, Peter Kastor)

  • “The American City in the 19th and 20th Centuries”Spring 2012

(Primary Instructor, Margaret Garb)

  • “The American Frontier, 1776-1848”Fall 2011

(Primary Instructor, Peter Kastor)

Teaching Assistant, American Culture Studies, Washington University

  • “Americans and their Presidents”Fall 2014

(Primary Instructor, Peter Kastor)


History of the Future Conference, Washington UniversityOctober 2014

  • “Borderlands,” Panel Chair and Commenter

Graduate Research Series, Washington UniversityApril 2012

  • “The Lost Tribes of Israel: Mormon-Indian Relations in Mid-Nineteenth Century Utah”


Washington University

  • Chair, Graduate History Association Fall 2014
  • Assistant Coordinator, Graduate History Association annual conference Fall 2014
  • Assistant Coordinator, “The City Seminar” speaker series2012-14
  • Teaching Assistant Liaison, Graduate History Association 2012-13
  • Peer Mentor Coordinator, Department of History2011-15
  • At Large Representative, Graduate History Association2011-12
  • Coordinator, Graduate Reading Series2011-12

Professional Affiliations

American Historical Association2010-present

Organization of American Historians2010-present

Society for Historians of the Early American Republic2012-present

Foreign Languages


  • Near native fluency (reading, writing, and speaking)


  • Intermediate level (reading and speaking)