Vice-Principal: Iona Brown

Vice-Principal: Iona Brown

Dates to Remember:
May 26th / Gr. 5 Orientation to Middle Level Dance/Activity night – 6:00 – 8:00 pm
May 26th / Home & School Meeting 6:30 pm
May 27th / Kindergarten Orientation for students and parents 1 – 2 pm
May 30th– June 3rd / Gr. 6 Provincial Assessment
May 31st / PSSC Meeting 6:30 pm Introduction to newly elected DEC Member – Wallace Carr
June 4th / Run for Fun (Running Club) 9am
June 8th / Gr. 3 Fish Friends – Travel to Lindsay Valley Lodge - Base Gagetown
June 9th / HeadStart Graduation 6:00 pm – SWS Cafeteria
June 9th / SWS Athletic Awards Ceremony - 6:00 pm SWS Gymnasium
June 16th / Blue Team trip to Mactaquac Park
June 16th / Middle Level trip to Hartt Island RV Resort and Water Park
June 17th / Family Picnic
June 20th / Grade 8 Advancement Ceremony – 6:00 pm SWS Gymnasium
June 22nd / Junior Prom – 6:00 – 8:30 pm
June 22nd / Green Team trip to Base Gagetown
June 24th / Last day of school for Students
June 28th / Last day of school for Teachers
June 30th / Last day of school for Admin. Asst.


May 26,2016

Principal: Tammy Gee

Vice-Principal: Iona Brown

Administrative Assistant: Marilyn Allaby (506) 368-2900


All students will receive an education that will help them to develop their potential as community members and life-long learners in a changing world.

Student Writing

Plants We Eat – By Hayden Gr. ½

Did you know we eat many different plants? We eat flowers like cauliflower and a variety of roots like carrots in fact we even eat fruit off of trees like apples.

Isn’t it amazing how we eat flowers like broccoli? We can even eat seeds off of a sunflower; also without flowers we would not have honey.

It is hard to believe that we eat some stems of plants. Some stems we eat are asparagus, rhubarb, celery and ginger.

Roots are an important part of a plant. It keeps plants from falling over and they get food for the whole plant. We eat some roots from some plants so they are important to us too. Carrots and turnips are example of roots we eat.

Sunflowers – By Freya Gr. ½

If you want to find a sunflower look for a flower that is as yellow as the sun with a middle that is as black as the night. They can grow to be very tall!! Parts of a sunflower are leaves, roots, stem, petals.

In order for a sunflower to grow well it needs: soil, air, water, sun and that is all of the things it needs!

Sunflowers grow in BIG fields. They are found in Canada, Mexico and America.

You can use sunflowers for many things! Did you know that sunflower seeds can be ground up to make cooking oil! You can eat sunflower seeds! Both people and animals eat them! People can just plant them to look at. They are beautiful!