VCC-4115Paarchitect & Engineer Specification

VCC-4115Paarchitect & Engineer Specification

VCC-4115PAArchitect & Engineer Specification

Bid Spec


The colour video camera described shall be a Sanyo Model number VCC-4115PA or equivalent. The Camera described shall be an industrial grade, high sensitivity, normal resolution colour video camera.

2.0Bid Specifications

The colour video camera shall incorporate an interline transfer method 1/4” charge coupled device (CCD) with approx. 320,000 picture elements (537Hx597V, 500Hx582V effective). This camera shall produce a picture with more than 350 TV lines of resolution and have a minimum light requirement of 0.3 lux atF1.2 lens (AGC, HI) anda S/N ratio of more than 52dB. The video output level shall be 1.0Vp-p (75 ohms, composite) with a BNC type connection.

The camera shall include (1) mounting bracket (1/4”-20UNC) which can be mounted either on the top or the bottom of the camera. The video camera shall have an auto iris connector on the side of the camera body to permit connection of DC: iris control coil only type lenses (galvanometric iris without amplifier).

The video camera shall have an available Backlight compensation circuit, Electronic/Auto Iris and Flange back adjustment. The camera shall have internal and line lock sync. capabilities.

The camera shall not exceed a dimension of 2.2” x 1.77” x 3.92” (56x45x99.5mm) (w/o lens mount and camera mount) and weigh no more than 280 grams. Power requirements for the video camera shall be 24V AC, 50Hz or DC 12-15V. The video camera shall be constructed of a durable metal cabinet and shall be magnetic and electrostatically shielded. The camera shall feature solid state components to resist shock and vibration. The video camera shall be ISO9001 and have CE marking.

3.0Minimum Performance Specifications

model / VCC-4115PA
Scanning system / PAL Standard:625 lines, 25 frames/sec
Image device / Interline transfer method CCD
Image size / 1/4” (Approx. 3.6mm x 2.7mm)
Picture element / 537(H)x597(V):All picture elements
500(H)x582(V):Effective picture elements
Synchronizing system / Internal sync / Line lock
Interlace / PLL2:1 interlace
Resolution / Horizontal 350 TV lines
Vertical 400 TV lines
Video output level / 1.0Vp-p(75, composite)
Video S/N ratio / More than 52dB
Minimum Illumination / 0.3 lux(Gain: HI), 0.9 lux(Gain: NORM) with F1.2 lens
Faceplate Illumination / 0.14 lux(F1.2 lens)
Backlight compensation / ON/OFF, Slide switching, multi-zone light measuring system
Lens mount / CS mount (C mount: Using C-mount adapter supplied separately)
Flange back adjustment / 12.5mm 0.5mm adjustment
Camera mount / ¼” – 20 UNC (Top/Bottom)
Control / White balance Auto/Manual SW (side) Colour adjust. at manual R,B VR (side) Lens Iris level LEVEL:L,H VR(side)
Backlight Compensation MULTI/CENT SW(side)
Electronic Iris E.I.:ON/OFF (side)
Gain Control HI/NORM SW (side)
SYNC Setting : LL/INT SW (side)
Aperture Setting : SHARP/NORM
Sockets / Video VIDEO OUT BNC
Lens LENS OUT 4-pin
Power Supply 24V AC,50Hz or DC12 to 15V
Auto iris output and connection / DC: Drive Coil (+-),Brake (damp) coil (+-)
Environmental Conditions / Operating: Temperature: -10C to 50C
(14F to 122F)
Humidity: Within 90% relative humidity
Storage: Temperature -20C to 70C
(-4F to 158F)
Humidity Within 70% relative humidity
Power Requirement / 24V AC, 50Hz, DC12 to 15V
Size (WxHxD) / 2.2”x1.77”x3.92” (w/o lens mount and camera mount)
Weight (without lens) / Approx. 280g