Variation of Enrolment

Variation of Enrolment

Architecture, Design & Planning

due to serious illness, injury or misadventure.

This application is for students enrolled in units administered by the Architecture Design and Planning, who have been precluded from completing a unit of study (UoS) due to an unexpected serious and long-term illness, injury or misadventure that cannot be adequately be dealt with through special consideration or disability services during the enrolled unit session.

Students are only required to apply for a grade of DC if they need to discontinue from a unit of study after the relevant withdrawal or DC census dates. Information relating to session dates for coursework studentscan be found here.

Conditions of approval:

  • Provide a statement outlining the circumstances that have prevented you from continuing or completing your studies, which could not have reasonably been foreseen.
  • Provide supporting documentation that demonstrate that the circumstances that were beyond your control, prevented you from withdrawing or discontinuing the unit(s) by the relevant withdrawal or DC census dates.
  • Applications made after the last day of the session are required to further demonstrate circumstances that prevented you from applying prior to the last day of the relevant session.

PART A: Student details
Title: / Name: / Family Name:
Telephone: / Student ID:
Student mail: / Domestic:
Degree: / International:
I request a DC grade for the following unit(s) of study:
Unit Code / Unit Name / Session/Year
PART B: Examples of supporting documentation
Illness or injury / A professional practitioner certificate
Misadventure of student, their relative or close friend / Statutory declaration and appropriate supporting documents (eg eviction notice, police report).
Unexpected primary carer responsibilities / A professional practitioner certificate indicating your primary carer responsibilities
A statutory declaration indicating primary carer responsibilities
A professional practitioner certificate indicating illness of family member/close friend.
Natural disaster / A statutory declaration
A copy of a public record such as a weather report or online media coverage.
PART C: Student acknowledgement
I understand that my application for DC
  • Requires supporting documentation and that the university may contact the individual or professional authority to verify the information and evidence provided as part of this application.
  • May take up to four weeks to process
  • Will be rejected if the application is incomplete or incorrect.
  • May result in disciplinary action if I supply false or misleading information.
  • If approved does not release me from any liabilities for fees and costs associated with the unit of study.

Signature: / Date:

Applications and inquiries are to be emailed to:

PART D: Office use only
Application approved / Application declined
Reviewed by:
Signature: / Date:

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