Urgent Action Fund for Women S Human Rights

Urgent Action Fund for Women S Human Rights

Urgent Action Fund for Women’s Human Rights


Urgent Action Fund grants are intended to enableshort-term interventions in the course of long-term strategiesfor advancing women’s human rights. Urgent Action Fund accepts requests 365 days per year, in any language, from activists around the world. Each request receives a response within 72 hours and funds canbe wired within a week. Requests can be made for up to $5,000 USD.You have the option to request that your application remainconfidential.

Am I a fit for a Rapid Response Grant?

Before you apply for a grant, review the Categories and Criteria sections below. Use these guidelines to decide if your proposal will fulfill the requirements of our Rapid Response Grantmaking.

Urgent Action Fund makes grants in three categories:

  1. Responses to armed conflict, escalating violence, or politically volatile environments.
  2. Potentially precedent-setting legal or legislative actions, or actions that aim to protect a precedent that has already been set.
  3. Protection and security of women human rights defenders.

Grantmaking Criteria - regardless of the category, grant proposals must demonstrateallof these criteria:

•Strategic– the action is related to a pre-determined plan to create structural change that will advance women’s human rights.

•Unanticipated and Time Urgent– the situation or opportunity is unanticipated and action must happen quickly to be effective.

•Sustainable– the group illustrates the capacity to carry out the proposed action effectively and can secure funding for future work related to the strategy.

•Supported– the group has the support of others involved in women’s human rights or related fields, locally or globally.

•Woman/Trans-led– women/transgender people must be the primary decision-makers in the organization, group, or action.

What we do NOT fund:

•Development projects

•Natural disaster relief

•Humanitarian aid

•Travel to conferences

•General support


•Bridge funding (to fill a funding gap)

•Previously planned or long-term projects (3 months or greater)

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide funding for these important activities.

Any requests based on the continent of Africa should be sent to Urgent Action Fund-Africa:

All requests based in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking Caribbean should be submitted to Urgent Action Fund-Latin America:

How to Apply

Proposals can be submitted to Urgent Action Fund via:


SMS/text message: (+1 415.496.6365)

Phone: (+1 415.824.8384)

Post: 333 Valencia St. Suite 250

San Francisco, CA 94103


Information about the circumstances of a proposal will be shared with regional advisors as needed. Please note, the information we disclose to parties outside of UAF (e.g. donors, newsletters, website) is limited to the organization name, country and circumstances of a proposal, unless you request confidentiality. We do not disclose individual names, contact information, or other identifying information that could potentially expose the organization or individual to greater risk.

Proposals should include the following information:

Organization/Individual Information

1. Name and address of the person making the request (phone/fax/e-mail).

2. Name and address of the group that will be responsible for the grant (phone/fax/e-mail).

3. Please describe the organization's mission or main focus of work.

4. Who are the main decision makers in your organization?

5. Please provide names and responsibilities of other groups involved in your proposed intervention (if applicable).

6. Please provide names and contact information for organizations, funders or colleagues who can endorse your work.

7. Please list current or previous funders of your organization and their contact information.

8. How did you learn about Urgent Action Fund?

The Situation

9. Please describe the event that has prompted your proposed action. When did this event occur?

10. Was this situation anticipated?

11. What makes this situation an opportunity for advancing women's human rights?

The Urgent Action

12. Please describe the proposed response to the situation.

13. Why is the proposed action time-urgent (Why are the funds needed at this time)?

14. Is there a way in which this action will connect to a regional or global initiative?

15. What capacities and strengths do you have that you think will help you successfully carry out this action?

16. When do you expect your action to occur?

17. What is the amount of the request? Please indicate the currency that you are using.

18. How will the money be used? Please provide an itemized budget.

Sample Budget

Items / Number of Units / Cost
Total Requested

19. What other sources of support are available for this effort?

20. Should any specific information about the request be kept confidential? UAF does not disclose individual names and contact information to any party outside of the organization.