University/College/School Name

University/College/School Name

/ 3rd International Youth Forum on
Historical Reconciliation in East Asia
17 - 21 August 2014
Seoul, Republic of Korea
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Application form must be typed or clearly written in Englishand submitted to by30 June 2014. If you need additionalspace, you may add one more page and attach it herewith.

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6. Please give a detailed description of any academic or work experience that may be relevant to the theme of the forum (200word limit)

7. Please describe your motivation for applying to this forum, focusing on your idea of historical reconciliationand dialogue among nations and how to best deal with it (400word limit)

8What role(s) do you think the youth can play towardshistorical reconciliation in East Asia? (400word limit)

9. What unique personal qualities or life experiences might distinguish you from the other applicants? (200word limit)

How did you learn about the 3rdInternational Youth Forum on the Historical Reconciliation in East Asia?
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