Two-Minute Pitch

Two-Minute Pitch

Two-Minute Pitch

Use the following in conversation or in email to promote yourself as a speaker.
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If this is used as part of an event, it might go like this:

This is a meaningful time for our courts. While its mission is as old as the Magna Carta and as fresh as today’s court dockets, our state’s court system is about to observe some important milestones. This year, 2016, will commemorate the establishment of our unified court, district court system, and the Administrative Office of the Courts. In 2017, our Court of Appeals turns 50 and the superior courts turn 240. In 2019, the Supreme Court will commemorate its 200th year of service to the state.

Today, we recognize the 50th anniversary of the district court in xxxx district. But this is part of a much larger celebration of the role of our courts in the administration of fair and effective justice system—a system where dedicated public servants strive to deliver justice in an efficient, effective and fair manner. Over the next several years there will be many celebrations, some small and some large, that focus on the role of the courts in our democracy. Thanks for being here for this celebration.

The court system has a website devoted to these celebrations. It is accessible at The site contains interesting historical materials, information about upcoming events and ways you can join in the effort. Take a look.

If this is not used as part of an event, this additional information could be added:

Under the North Carolina Constitution, the Judicial Branch is established as an equal branch of government with the legislative and executive branches. North Carolina’s court system, called the General Court of Justice, is a unified statewide and state-operated system. Before 1966, North Carolina operated under a hybrid court system with a supreme court (the appellate court) and a superior court (general jurisdiction trial court), funded by the State and uniform statewide. Legislation was passed in 1965 to reorganize the court system according to the new Article IV, and the system began operation in 1966. Jurisdiction of the courts of North Carolina is now uniform throughout the state.

Today the state’s unified court system handles approximately three million cases each year; cases that help keep our citizens safe, our economy vibrant, and our rights and liberties secure.

Article 1, § 35 of our state constitution states that “a frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is absolutely necessary to preserve the blessings of liberty.” The convergence of several milestone anniversaries presents unique opportunities for our state to do just that.