Track Level 3 Questions

Track Level 3 Questions


  • In order to answer these questions you will require UKA, IAAF and IPC rulebooks. Please give the relevant rule numbers in your answers along with your explanations.You must demonstrate that you understand and can apply the rules.
  • You may find the IAAF publication “The Referee” helpful. This can be downloaded from their website.
  • Please read the Guidelines for Assessing Level 3 (2015), which can be found on the UKA website, carefully and follow the instructions given. The latest date for answers to be submitted to your TRNG Officials’ Secretary is September 1st. Early submission is advised.
  1. An umpire reports to the Referee that an athlete took 1 step over the line on the inside of their lane on the bend in a 400 metres race.

a)What action does the referee take under IAAF rules? Would this be the same under UKA rules?

b)If a similar incident took place on the straight, what action would the umpire take?

  1. An athlete is disqualified in the men’s 200 metre race for running on the line on the bend and decides to protest.

a)How does he make his protest and to whom – under IAAF rules, under UKA rules?

b)When must he make his protest – under each set of rules?

c)What action can the referee take – under each set of rules?

  1. You are an umpire looking up the track during the 110 metres hurdles race.
    a) What are you looking for and what sort of incident would you need to report to the referee?
    b)Would there be any difference between UKA and IAAF rules?
    c)What action would you take if an athlete persistently ran on the inside lane line?
  1. Under IAAF rules in an 800m race, when should the lapboard be changed to indicate the laps remaining for the leader?
  1. You are the Clerk of Course for a meeting at which there is an 800m race. How would you mark the break line for an event under IAAF rules? Would it be the same under UKA rules? Explain your answer carefully.
  1. You are appointed Clerk of Course for a meeting such as your National age-group championships. Who is your line manager for this role? What action would you take prior to the event?
  1. In the heats of the 100m there is a malfunction in the electronic timing equipment and there is no result available for one heat. What subsequent use can be made of the electronic times for other heats in that event?
  1. There is a tie for the last qualifying position in the Women’s 100m race for a subsequent round.

a)What action is taken to decide which athlete qualifies?

b)If they cannot be separated by time what action is taken to decide who shall be placed in the next round?

c)Is this the same under both sets of rules?

  1. In the 4 x 100m relay race, what are the UKA and IAAF rules regarding checkmarks?
  1. You are an umpire on a bend in the 3000metres race and spot 2 athletes pushing each other. Give a complete list of the information you would need to include on your infringement report.
  1. You are an umpire at an event under IPC rules. When umpiring on a bend during the 200 metres race for classification group T11, of what do you need to be aware regarding the use of lanes? How would you recognise a lane infringement?
  1. Outline what you would be watching for in a 1500 metre race for T54 athletes when overtaking is taking place.
  1. When judging a race in which athletes have guide runners, what do you need to be looking for at the finish? Which other group of officials may be able to assist with this?
  1. When judging the finish of a race for athletes competing in wheelchairs, how do you determine the finishing positions?
  1. In a 10,000 metre race being run under UKA rules, you, as an umpire on the bend (position 12), spot an individual who appears to be a coach running along the infield on the back straight each time the athletes come round. What action would you take and why?
  1. You are acting as a Track Referee at a league meeting under UKA rules and an athlete comes to you to complain about the start of the race in which they have just competed and demanding a rerun. What action would you take and why?
  1. What are the rules regarding the 4x400 metres relay takeovers under both IAAF and IPC rules?
  1. In what way do the IAAF rules for takeovers in the 4 x 200 metres relay differ between indoor and outdoor events?

19.An athlete is found to be responsible for jostling and obstruction during a race and is disqualified by the Referee. Another athlete in the same race claims to have been unfairly disadvantaged by this incident and appeals to the Referee to be allowed to compete in a subsequent round of the event.
What action can the Referee take and what commitment to the race will the Referee expect to have observed from the athlete making the appeal? Is there any difference between the IAAF and the UKA rules covering this situation?

  1. You are Track Referee at a meeting for young athletes. The steeplechase is due to start shortly and it is obvious that the water level for the water jump will still be below the required level by the starting time. What action would you take and why?