To Establish a Formal Procedure to Process Administrative Change Notice (ACN.)

To Establish a Formal Procedure to Process Administrative Change Notice (ACN.)

QSP-DOC-05 / Administrative Change Notice (ACN) / Rev : 3 / Date: 03/05/14

1.0 Purpose:

To establish a formal procedure to process Administrative Change Notice (ACN.)

The ACN process is an effort to reduce the time various Renco staff members spend reviewing

and signing the ACN’s, which are created for minor typos, dimensional mistakes, and non-

critical changes.

2.0 Forms/Records:

FRM-DOC-03 Standard print template.

FRM-DOC-04Single page print template.

FRM-ENG-17 Administrative Change Notice (ACN)

3.0 Responsibilities:

It is the responsibility of the initiator to complete the ACN accurately. The Document

Control Coordinator will be responsible for coordination of the ACN and the CAD operator or

Documentation Clerk will implement the ACN changes to the appropriate document.


Phase I: Preparation of ACN form

Phase II: Acquiring Signatures

Phase III: Implementing Changes

Phase IV: Releasing New prints

4.1 Phase I: Preparation of ACN form.

  1. The person writing the ACN should use the form FRM-DOC-19. A marked-up copyof the controlled document print and the supporting documentation of the changes must be attached for verification to the completed FRM-DOC-19.
  1. FRM-DOC-19 must be filled in with:
  1. Job Number
  2. Renco P/N
  3. Description
  4. Customer’s Name
  5. Customer P/N
  6. General reason for change(s)
  7. Detailed Reason for change(s)
  8. Affected job(s)
  9. And comments (if necessary)
  1. The initiator should sign the ACN and submit it to the Documentation coordinator.

4.2 Phase II: Getting Signatures:

  1. ACN form should be signed by
  1. Initiator
  2. Design Engineer
  3. Engineering Manger

4.3 Phase III: Implementing Changes:

  1. Change the Revision to the next level
  2. Make the approved changes from theACN to all current documentation.
  3. Update the signatures and dates. Production and Q.C signatures will automatically be updated once the new revision is complete.

4.4 Phase IV: Uploading Final Print into HQMS:

A. The Documentation Clerk will scan in the signed off ECN form including all attached documents into HQMS under the new revision -1. (Example: if the new revision is B the signed ECN form would be B-1)

B. Final approved print is uploaded into HQMS as the new Revision under the appropriate RL number index card by the Documentation Clerk.


An ACN is NOT to be used for the following:

  1. Changes to the MML
  2. Changes to the winding notes or winding information that anyother departments need to be made aware of.
  3. Changes to the Electrical Specifications
  4. Customer part number or Rev. level changes
  5. Changes to how the part is labeled or what goes on the label


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