Title: Associate Research Specialist

Title: Associate Research Specialist

Job Description

Title: Associate Research Specialist

Department:Research Support

Reports to:Senior Research Specialist Manager

Location:Dalian, China

Job Type:Permanent

Reference number:

Internal CoE classification: NA

About Fidelity Worldwide Investment

Fidelity Worldwide Investment is an asset manager serving investors in all corners of the world outside North America. It was established in 1969 and manages all significant asset classes for institutional and retail investors in long-term savings products. Fidelity and its subsidiaries employ over 5,400 people in 23 countries managing US$255.9 billion worldwide.

Fidelity’s investment style relies on fundamental research of companies and a strict bottom-up portfolio construction discipline. This means Fidelity’s analysts and portfolio managers look closely at a company’s balance sheet and future plans; meet regularly with and question its management; and then speak to its competitors, suppliers, customers and anyone else who might give them information that helps to assess whether the investment is a good one. Every investment in every portfolio is selected on its merit and ability to contribute to a better return.

The same can be said of its employees, who are encouraged to take intelligent risk in order to make small improvements that cumulatively improve the business. Fidelity is independent, not a subsidiary of a big bank or other institution, and is privately owned. This means that it can take long-term investment decisions rather than chase the next quarterly results as a listed company might. Fidelity believes its independence is a considerable advantage that benefits its customers.

As well as investment management, Fidelity distributes the funds of other managers through its FundsNetworkTM platform, administers pension schemes, and has interests in various other enterprises in Europe and Asia. For further information please visit

About Research Support

Research support team provides comprehensive research support to Fidelity’s equity analysts in Asia-Pac region, including Fidelity regional research team based in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and India.

Purpose of your role

Provide all round research support to equity analysts in the selected region, including on initiations and on-going coverage, company and industry analysis, financial modelling, valuations, sector/country updates, and other custom research work.

Your key accountabilities

  • Prepare and maintain detailed financial models (including valuations); perform industry- and company-specific analysis as mandated by the analyst.
  • Collate quality information from databases (such as Bloomberg, Datastream and Factiva) and other appropriate sources. Help make the research process more efficient and robust
  • Keep abreast of important trends and developments in the relevant sectors/geographies
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients and within the team
  • Make regular presentations to the team on relevant topics/areas of expertise

Your skills and experience

Essential skills

  • Financial Skills - Good understanding of financial statements, ratios and valuation concepts
  • Basic understanding of capital markets.
  • Analytical / Problem solving skills, with a logical thought process - to sort, analyse and creatively interpret large amounts of qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Good relationship management skill; strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Should be a quick learner!
  • Should be able to communicate (read/speak/write) in English and one (or more) of Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

Desirable skills

  • CFA or CPA is highly preferred
  • In-depth knowledge of a business sector will be useful (not essential).

Fidelity Values

  • Think like an entrepreneur
  • Earn the client's trust
  • Act with Integrity
  • Make it happen

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