Theme: A-MAZE-Ing Games

Theme: A-MAZE-Ing Games

18DEC08 Round Table

Theme: A-MAZE-ing Games


I Made A Promise (Buckeye Page 4)

YorkAdams Council

Five boys are needed for this ceremony. Each should have his part printed on a small card he canconceal in his hand or have the part memorized.

Cub #1: I made a promise... I said that whatever I did I would do the best I could.

Cub #2: I made a serve my God and my country the best I could.

Cub #3: I made a help other people the best I could.

Cub #4: I made a promise.. .to obey the Law of the Pack the best I could.

Cub #5: I have done my best, and I will do my best because I am the best... I am a Cub Scout.

Den Leader: Will everyone please rise and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

7:33 Ice Breaker

1st Scout: I went fishing last week.

2nd Scout: What did you catch?

1st Scout: Three bass and one smelt.

2nd Scout: It did? Which one?

Tongue Twisters

Inland Northwest Council

Betty Botter bought some butter, "but" she said, "this butter's bitter if I put it in my batter,It will bake my batter bitter!"

Susie's shirt shop sells pre shrunk shirts.

7:35 Song: Played a Game

(Tune: Clementine)

Played a Game, Played a Game

Played a Game last night.

Last night I Played a Game,

Played a Game last night.

Did a Maze (etc.)

Got Lost (etc.)

Built a Fire (etc.)

Ate some bugs (etc.)

Got Sick (etc.)

Kicked the bucket (etc.)

7:37 Game

Sponge Ball Tic Tac Toe

Land 3 balls in a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line. Cut a 12" x 12" x 12" cardboard box down to 4" in height. Keep extra cardboard. Cut four strips of cardboard 11 3/4" x 3". These will be used to make the squares for the balls to

Page 2

land in. Interlock the four strips of cardboard and place inside box as shown in the picture. Using the extra cardboard, cut three 12" x 8" pieces and slide each piece down into the box along each side, leaving the front side open. Bend each panel. Cut triangular pieces to fit into the corners between the panels and

tape them to the panels. This will keep the balls inside the box and will also hold the top pieces in place at an angle. Using a marker or crayon, label the game as

shown in the picture and have fun! Player is given 4 sponge balls to throw in the box. To be a winner, 3 balls must land in either a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line. Adjust distance from the target according to the age level of the player.

Variation: A play area can be very easy to make and set up as a substitute for creating a box. Simply lay down tape on carpet or hard floor for the squares.


Ticket Line

Fans are standing in line waiting to buy tickets for the football game. Four fans are standing inline, saying how much they want to attend the game and wondering when the ticket window isgoing to open to sell tickets. A person walks up to the front of the line. The fans get upset tellinghim to not butt in line and to go to the end of the line and began to show him back. This persontries once more to reach the front of the line and then gives up and says something to the effect;“I’m giving up, they can get someone else to open this ticket window.

7:46 Advancement Ceremony

Ceremony Awards Backwards (Backwards Awards Ceremony)

YorkAdams Area Council

This award ceremony will be a challenge to anyone who conducts it. Therefore, it is short and to the point. The best advice is to practice it, practice it, and practice it. Then, make sure you have a cheat-sheet with you when you try to conduct it. (You might decide to have an “interpreter” who, in a quieter voice, repeats each line “front wards” after the Awards Chairman has said it backwards.)

“Scouts Cub our of accomplishments the celebrate we tonight.”

“Tonight are they where get to hard very worked have they.”

“Bobcat of level the for requirements eight the completed have who Cubs [number] have we.”

“Parents their with up come boys the would.”

Page 3

[List names of boys (backwards).]

“Sons your to badges these award please.”

[Hand parents badges and offer the backwards applause.]

“Rank Wolf the for requirements their completed have who Scouts Wolf our recognize to want also we”

“Forward come please parents their and boys following the would”

“Wolf of rank the reached have and Wolf for requirements twelve the completed have Cubs these”

[List names of boys (backwards).]

“Sons your to badges these award please.”

[Hand parents badges and offer the backwards applause.]

“Rank Bear the for requirements the finished have who Cubs some has also Pack our.”

“Requirements achievement twelve complete Cub each requires rank Bear the.”

“Self and family country God of areas the in are achievements the.”

Forward come please parents their and Cubs these would.

[List names of boys (backwards).]

“Sons your to badges these award please.”

[Hand parents badges and offer the backwards applause.]

“Badges Activity on working been have Dens/Patrols Webelos our.Meeting Pack last the since badges these earned have Webelos following the.”

[Call off names of boys (backwards) and the Activity Badges they have earned to come forward and receive them.]

“Requirements rank Webelos the completed have who Scouts Webelos our honor to want we finally.”

“Forward come please to parents their and Webelos these ask we.”

“Program Scout Cub the in “rank” last the is rank Webelos the Award Scouting Cub highest the earn to you challenge we rank this reached have you that now.”

“Light of Arrow the is award that.”

“Well done have son(s) your parents.”

“Badge(s) Webelos their them award please.”.

8:30 Closing

See You next Time Closing Ceremony

Arrangements: Seven Cub Scouts each holding a card with their part and the “special” closing signs.

1st CUB: You’ve seen our meeting tonight in fun it did not lack.

2nd CUB: Because in teamwork we were not slack.

3rd CUB: To get a family involved. Cub Scouting has a knack.

4th CUB: And each of you as a part of our Pack.

5th CUB: Can help our program be harp as a tack.

6th CUB: By doing your share and not be caught slack.

7th CUB: So next month, one and all, we’ll look for you to come back.

Page 4


Golf Shout "FORE" and pretend to hit the ball, place handover above eyes to follow where the ball went.

Great Job Have one half of the audience say,"Great" and the other half say, "Going." Alternate sides.

Home Run Simulate swinging a bat, then shade youreyes with your hands and yell, "Thar she goes."

Javelin Hold hand as if close over a javelin, raise armabove shoulder and pretend to throw the javelinforward, wait a couple of seconds and say "Thud".

Pole Vault Stand two fingers of one hand on the otherarm like legs. Have them run down the arm to thewrist and then leap into the air, as the hand comes

down, CLAP!


Read the Mind of a Grown Up!

Find a parent and ask him or her the following questions –

1. Think of some country that starts with “D.” Don’t tell me what it is.

2. Take the last letter of that country and think of any animal that starts with it. Again, don’t tell me what it is.

3. Take the last letter of that animal and think of a fruit that starts with it. Don’t say anything, just think.

4. Tell him or her that s/he is thinking about an “orange.”

Cub 1: You want to hear something funny? My sister thinks a football coach has four wheels.

Cub 2: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! How many does it have?

Cub 1: Speaking of baseball, I have something here that can run but can’t walk.

Cub 2: What is it?

Cub 1: Water.

Cub 1: What do baseball players eat on?

Cub 2: Home plates!

Tiger Cub: What’s the quietest sport in the world?

Den Leader: I don’t know.

Tiger Cub: Bowling. You can hear a pin drop.

Dad 1: I hear your son is on the football team. What position does he play?

Dad 2: I think he’s one of the drawbacks.

Teacher: Class, what has eighteen legs and catches flies?

Student: A baseball team?

Page 5


Cub #1: What does a jigsaw puzzle do after a bad day?

Cub #2: It tries to pick up the pieces!

Cub #1: How many sides does a sphere have?

Cub #2: Two – an in-SIDE and an out-SIDE!


Who’s there?


Ease who?

Ease up to his old tricks!


Who’s there?


Midas who?

Midas well play another game!

Q: While building a pinewood derby track, what kind of nails did the carpenter hate to hit?

A: Fingernails

Q: How do you know when someone is an optimist?

A: When they do a maze with a pen!

Q: Here’s a puzzle for you – what can you add to a pail that makes it weigh less?

A: A hole!

I’m A Scout

Sam Houston Area Council

Tune – I’m a Little Teapot

I’m a little Tiger Scout, honestly,

And I have my parents, they’re helping me.

I’m a bigger Wolf Cub, with loyalty,

‘Cause my den leader is helping me.

Now I’m a Bear Cub, don’t you know,

And then next year I’ll be Webelos.

I’m a Webelos Scout, have no doubt,

And I can’t wait to be a Boy Scout

What a Game!

Sam Houston Area Council

Tune: Ten Little Indians

Uno, Candyland, Scrabble and Yahtzee

Chutes and Ladders and Monopoly

Battleship, Boggle, oh I’m Sorry

What an Outburst – Cranium.

Apples to Apples and Operation

Twister, Connect Four, Concentration

Scene It, Dominoes, here comes Trouble

Hi Ho Cherrio, Clue and Chess!!