The Wadham-Sarah Lawrence College Exchange Programme

The Wadham-Sarah Lawrence College Exchange Programme

The Wadham-Sarah Lawrence College Exchange Programme

The Exchange Programme – Graduate Application

The exchange programme is open to applications from Wadham graduate students. One of the six places will go to a graduate student if there is a deserving candidate. Graduates will not be regular participants in undergraduate classes during their time in Sarah Lawrence. Instead they will spend their time completing research, interacting with Sarah Lawrence faculty, and, if appropriate, leading one or two undergraduate classes with a member of Sarah Lawrence faculty. Applicants will therefore need to demonstrate a need to be in New York to complete research and/or a particular connection between their studies and a member of the Sarah Lawrence faculty. They will not complete a project, as the undergraduate exchange students do, but will be expected to present the fruits of their research on their return to Oxford. Only graduates who will still be in Wadham in 2018-19 may apply, as they will be required to help with integration of incoming Sarah Lawrence Programme students, and have particular responsibility for integrating them into the MCR.Airfare costs and room and board on campus are provided, as well as a contribution to spending money.

Applications are due in January and the closing date will be published during Michaelmas Term. Candidates will be short listed and interviews will be held within two weeks of the closing date.

Selection will take into account the viability of the proposed research and its research-fit in Sarah Lawrence, as well as the suitability of the candidate to serve as an ambassador. We are looking for students who will both represent Wadham well in New York and help to integrate the Sarah Lawrence students into Oxford. We are looking for people who will use this as a significant experience in their lives. You will be asked to present the findings of your research at an Exchange Evening in Trinity term, and to talk about your experiences and the application process at an event for prospective applicants in Michaelmas term of the following academic year. You will also be required to help plan the welcome for the next academic year’s Sarah Lawrence students.

Graduates should note that if accepted they will room with a Sarah Lawrence undergraduate during their stay.

Application process

Please fill in the accompanying sheet and answer the following questions on separate sheets. Submit your completed application to the Sarah Lawrence Programme office via email () or through the College Lodge. If you have any questions, please call us at (2)77541.

1Describe the research you would carry out during your time in residence at Sarah Lawrence College. Explain why your research will benefit from being completed in New York and/or which members of the Sarah Lawrence faculty have a particular connection with your studies. (Maximum of one page)

2Explain why you want to be a part of this international exchange and how you hope to benefit from your experience. (Maximum of one page)

3One of the greatest challenges facing the Sarah Lawrence students when they come to Wadham is that of integration. What ideas do you have for fostering their integration successfully? What efforts would you make to reach out and enhance this relationship? (Maximum of one page)

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(Note: This must be an Oxford tutor. Please let them know well in advance that if you are short listed, we will be requesting a reference.)


Please answer the questions indicated on the introductory sheet on a separate page.