The Successful Candidate Will Be a Qualified Accountant with at Least 5 Years Experience

The Successful Candidate Will Be a Qualified Accountant with at Least 5 Years Experience

Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury – Job Description
Responsible to / Executive Director Finance
Responsible for / 3 Direct Reports
Summary / The Head of Corporate Finance and Treasuryis responsible for:
Implementation of the Group Treasury Strategy
Preparation of the Group Business Plans
Financial monitoring of Development Programme
Reporting to investors and regulators
Company Taxation
Core tasks and objectives
The objectives of the role are:
A. Treasury & Planning
A1. To lead the Group Treasury function:
(1)Assist the Executive Director Finance to define and implement the strategic direction of the Treasury operations;
(2)Identification and negotiation of Treasury facilities with banks and lenders;
(3)Maintaining a register of all assets secured against company debt;
(4)Preparing assets for charging and overseeing the security process:
(5)Managing and maintaining all banking and lending relationships including compliance reporting and relationship management with institutional investors;
(6)Ensure compliance with all lending covenants;
(7)Ensure that appropriate systems for monitoring cash flows are implemented and operate effectively and that regular cash flow reports are prepared;
(8)Ensure that returns on surplus cash are maximised.
A2. To lead the Planning function:
(1)Prepare and present to Board regularupdates of the Group Business Plan;
(2)Regularly update the Business Plan to include planned new development;
(3)Prepare scenarios to the business plan as required.
A3To manage the Group’s taxation activities:
(1)Maintain sufficient records for the accurate calculation of all tax liabilities and claims;
(2)Submit all returns on time;
(3)Liaise with external tax advisors, lawyers and consultants.
A4 Development Support
(1)Updating of the Business Plan for planned developments;
(2)Monitoring of development scheme cash flows and import of these cash flows into the Group business plans and cash flows;
(3)Treasury support for the development function;
A5To ensure compliance with the statutory and regulatory framework
A6As lead on treasuryand planning issues to provide support and information to the Group Chair and Board Members.
B. Management
B1. To lead, inspire and motivate the staff within the team to deliver a high quality service to customers and to work effectively with internal departments.
B2. To have overall responsibility for the department budget and to ensure that this is delivered in cost and time.
C. Corporate Responsibility
C1 As a senior member of the Finance Team deliver effective business improvements and financial savings as set out in the merger business case report, “Building a Better Future”.
C2 To be an ambassador for the Group nationally, regionally and locally as appropriate.
C3 To contribute to the development of the organisation ensuring effective financial, staffing and management arrangements.
C4 To deputise for the Executive Director Finance as appropriate.
C5 To contribute to the development and implementation of the Group’s business, financial and performance planning frameworks, developing annual, medium and long term action plans and strategies.
C6 To contribute to the development and implementation of the Group’s objectives
C7To ensure the effective management of resources to meet the Group’s objectives
C8 To work with the Executive Director Finance to integrate the services across the Group and support the work of the change management team.
C9 To contribute to the development and implementation of the Group’s corporate social responsibilities, strategies and plans including the delivery of the E&D Policy and Strategy in all aspects of the work.
The Head of Corporate Finance and Treasurywill be responsible for a wide range of tasks and activities as appropriate for an organisation of the Group’s size and very varied activities and geography. As with all Executive Positions there are also specific responsibilities and delegated powers, for instance in relation to detailed financial and operational matters, health and safety and others. These are not listed here and will change from time to time and will change over time as the Group continues to change, grow and develop.
Head of Corporate Finance and Treasury
– Person Specification
Essential qualities

The successful candidate will be a qualified Accountant with at least 5 years experience, ideally with a Corporate Treasury qualification, but with experience of corporate treasury functions and capital market fundraising.

  • Ability to lead, inspire, motivate and develop staff at all levels; skilled at building motivated teams, committed to organisational vision, values and goals;
  • Well-developed business management skills and understanding of delivering an excellent customer-based service in a complex organisation with both social and commercial activities;
  • Strong financial and treasury skills
  • Ability to interpret information, carry out research, analyse complex data, make sound judgements, appraise performance and manage risk;
  • Ability to work effectively in partnership with a wide range of high level external stakeholders including banks, financial institutions and regulators.
  • Well developed IT skills and ability to work with the Director of Information, Risk and Business Support to develop ICT systems which support the business
  • Ability to produce clear, concise and well written reports on complex issues; and well-developed ambassadorial, influencing, networking, promotional and negotiating skills.

  • Senior experience in corporate treasury in a large and complex organisation with substantial budgets;
  • Experience and knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework relevant to the Finance, Treasury and Governance.
  • Experience at a management level and taking an overview of the service
  • Experience of managing change and major projects (D);
  • Experience of treasury management systems (D);
  • Experience of developing and managing an excellent customer driven service;
  • Evidence of effective working with customers, a wide variety of stakeholders and board members.

Personal qualities
  • A strong personal commitment to the cause of social housing, care and support, and to the stated values of the Group;
  • A commitment to quality, customer service, best practice and value for money;
  • A confident, independent, energetic and visible leader and effective decision-maker;
  • A commitment to equality and diversity;
  • An intuitive and supportive manager for direct reports;
  • A capacity to deliver results to tight deadlines and under pressure; and
  • A commitment to working with others to achieve shared goals.

November 2015