The Myth About Windows Password

The Myth About Windows Password

Windows Password Recovery

The myth about Windows Password

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With the development of security technology, password plays an irreplaceable role in system security. The difficult with Windows password is that you are confused about how to set it strong enough in case spying eyes and easy enough for remembering.

Fortunately, we include some tips for you to solve all the problems. On one hand, we bring you closer to understanding how to set strong Windows Password. On the other hand, this article will tell you how to unlock Windows Password if you forgot the long and complex password. Here I need to declare: it is only legal to unlock passwords for Windows that you own or have permission to unlock.

Part I: How to Set a Strong Windows Password?

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One of our common ideas is that the password generated by password generator is the best one. It is not completely true, it may be difficult to crack, but it is usually difficult to remember, slow to type when you start your computer every time.

So what is the idea Windows password? What is it composed of?

  1. Contains upper case letter, lower case letter, numbers, and symbols.
  2. 14 characters is the optimal password length.
  3. The password should alternate between left and right-handed keys on the keyboard.
  4. The best way for creating complex password that is easier to remember is to use one portion of phone numbers, addresses, names, but you must mix them.
  5. It is suggested to alter your Windows password every 90-120 days.

Part II: How to Unlock Windows Password?

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The chances are you forgot that complex Windows Password, you need to crack your own Windows password urgently to finish your jobs. What you need is a Windows Password Unlocker. It is a tool used to reset, recover, lost user, administrator password for logging onto Windows System.

Here we would like to show you how to operate this easy-to-handle utility, hope it can help you indeed.

Step 1: Burn bootable CD.

We need another computer to burn this CD. So insert a blank CD on this computer, and then launch Windows Password Recovery.

Choose the recovery mode as you request (Note: If you need to reset domain administrator password, you must choose Enterprise Version) and device (here we tick “CD/DVD”).

Click “burn” to start the bootable CD burning.

Step 2: Reset Password

Insert this CD on the computer you can’t access to and boot it from CD.

You will enter the main interface of Windows Password Unlocker. Select the Windows installation you would like to reset password.

Follow the wizard to remove Windows password depending on the version you choose.

Here you should notice, you have to reboot your PC to finish this password resetting.

I am sure you have controlled the myth of how to protect your Windows privacy and how to unlock Windows password by yourself. From now on, there is no frustration on Windows Password.