The Meeting Report of Q13/16 Can Be Found At:TD49R1/IPTV-GSI

The Meeting Report of Q13/16 Can Be Found At:TD49R1/IPTV-GSI

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TD 66 (GEN/IPTV-GSI) | TSR Doc.28

STUDY PERIOD 2013-2016 / TD 66(IPTV-GSI) (TSRDocument 28)
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Geneva, 8-12 July 2013
Source: / IPTV-GSI TSR Coordinator
Title: / Report of IPTV-TSR during the IPTV-GSI event(Geneva, 812July2013)


In accordance with the schedule of ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector meetings for 2013 (see and confirmed by the management of the concerned study groups, the18th ITU-T IPTV-GSI event took place in Geneva, Switzerland, 812July 2013. The Technical Standard Review events were held on 8 and 12 July 2012. Mr Masahito Kawamori (NTT,Japan) chaired the TSR sessions.

2Results of Discussion


The meeting report of Q13/16 can be found at:TD49R1/IPTV-GSI.


The meeting report of Q14/16 can be found at:TD45/IPTV-GSI.


The meeting report of Q28/16 can be found at:TD48R1/IPTV-GSI.


Showcasing events by members of Informatici Senza Frontiereon e-Health and Accessibility are planned on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon.


4.1Report on the call at APT C&I Event

Mr Kaoru Kenyoshi (NEC, Japan) made a presentation on APT/ITU Joint C&I event. To be held on 9-10 September, Bangkok, it is a joint ITU/APT event (testing and showcasing) to foster understanding and promote activities. It is just prior to ASTAP-22 meeting, which is scheduled for 11-14 September 2013. The registration is closed on 19 July 2013.

The presentation is found in TD 64/IPTV-GSI.

4.2Report on ITU IPTV IPv6 Global Testbed

Mr Hideki Yamamoto (OKI, Japan) presented updates of ITU-T’s IPTV IPv6 global testbed.

There are more locations added to this testbed, in particular CSIR, South Africa.It was requested to make a technical paper on the current network structure of the testbed as well as how to join this testbed. For example, Brazil has its national REN (RNP), and there are many universities connected to this network –including UFJF, USP, UNICAMP and PUC Rio – so it is natural to invite them to this testbed. As for CSIR joining the testbed, we have a Newslog from ITU-T

The presentation is found in TD 65/IPTV-GSI.

4.3Need for "IPTV Red book" and other supplementary documents

There has been a lot of discussion on supplementary documents such as e-health and IPTV, e-learning and IPTV, e-commerce and IPTV, or the technical paper on IPTV Testbed. IPTV-GSI started to work on what was called “IPTV Red book”, which collects and explains the ITU-T Recommendations for IPTV services. The work has been put on hold for lack of resources. But the need for such a publication is cleared felt, especially now when deployment and promotion of ITU-T IPTV services is keenly felt. IPTV-GSI requests TSB to take this into account and identify resources to continue to progress this project on “IPTV Redbook”.