The Landscape Is Changing

The Landscape Is Changing


MATT 13:1-23

I have just returned from Ethiopia and we saw many great things that God is doing in the midst of the poverty and oppression by the government, thousands are turning to Christ.

We fed the hungry, cared for orphans, bought school books for a school, purchased a house for beggars and distributed 760 Bibles.

When we preached many people received Christ or made a fresh commitment.

When I returned here there was good and bad news Nyda is very weak, a few look as if they have found other things to do with their Sundays but Phill got a grant of £7500 for the Art Surgery.

In the down time I was asking God what happens next, we have had numerous prophesies of revival but it has not yet happened. We seem to take a step forward and a step back. But the one word I have had several times is not to give up, God is going to move.

Abergavenny last week saw some amazing miracles of healing so God is very much moving in Wales.

I asked you the other week to not think about where we are but where we want to be, how would transformation in this valley look to us I wonder.

As we look at the parable of the sower it says to me a couple of things, if you want to see fruit you have to sow a lot of seeds.

If you have tried before and not seen a harvest try again.

I think if there is one thing Brexit and Donald Trump tells us, people have had enough of the old ways, the empty promises and things like foodbanks.

The Ethiopians asked me a couple of times why do you have foodbanks in the UK, it's a good question.

Quite simply we have turned our backs on Christian values and replaced it with political correctness.

But who can we trust? The simple answer is Jesus, "I am the way, the truth and the life nobody comes to the Father except through me.” People need Jesus.

I gave you the stats of how few Christians there are here, if we don't respond to this who will.

Some reject the word outright, no problem that's their choice but others receive it but it is stifled, Chapel is just one activity that happens on a Sunday.

Where is the fervour for the Gospel that was in the valleys years ago, I turn up at National leaders meetings and often from the Rhondda just one other church is represented.

The people have become comfortable and disheartened.

As we look at the state of the valleys do we weep like Jesus wept or do we simply accept it.

Those of us who have received the word what have we done with it? We are told thatit can produce fruit a hundred sixty or thirty times what was sown, which are we?

The Gospel is not something we keep to ourselves, in July we will have a team of 10 going out to tell people about Jesus. Yinka has seen a big response in Luton, Liverpool and Leicester but this mission is all across Wales.Everyone can play a part in the team, praying, making tea etc for those who are going out, so far we have eight people.

Our Ethiopian friends will be praying, Pastor Amanuel and Pastor Guret are going to get their people to pray.When they pray it really rocks, just think people in Ethiopia praying for the Rhondda.

When we reach the end of the road with our own abilities it is then that God can step in and really do something.

There is no reason for us to wait for the full mission in July we can make a start now in praying and looking for opportunities.We gained people quite easily and we have lost some I don't know what the Chapel will look like in the future but what I do know this is God’s only plan up here there are no others.

I have a few ideas maybe we end the mission with the garden party but make sure everyone goes away with literature.

Are there things we could invite people to alongside the street outreach, please pray and think about this.

I think this is God’s timing I was seeking the Lord what do we do next, have I taken this as far as I can take it.

But God told me to wait and see then I hear within a few days about the mission.

I was told if you can't get ten we will give you some people from another church, but already we have eight people I am confident we can resource this ourselves.