Test Review Guide: Ch. 19-22

Test Review Guide: Ch. 19-22

Test Review Guide: Ch. 19-22

World History- Spring 2018

General Information: The purpose of this review guide is the highlight the main concepts that will be addressed in some capacity on your forthcoming test (Friday, February 23). Completion of this review guide is optional, though STRONGLY encouraged. This test covers 19.1, 19.2, 19.3, 20.1, 20.2, 20.4, 21.2, 21.3, 21.4, & 22.3. You should make sure you review all Power Point slides/handwritten notes, all reading guides, and assigned readings. It will be helpful to you know ALL bolded yellow terms in every reading section.

19.1 – The Industrial Revolution

  • Understand the factors that allowed Great Britain to be the starting point of the Industrial Revolution & why it spread to continental Europe
  • Which industries were the most affected by industrialization?
  • How did factories change labor?
  • Railroads and their importance
  • What was the social impact of industrialization?
  • Early socialism and its teachings

19.2 – Reaction & Revolution

  • What was the Congress of Vienna and what was its purpose
  • What is the Principle of Intervention?
  • What is liberalism & nationalism?
  • German Revolutions of 1848 & other revolutions at this time

19.3 – National Unification & Nationalism

  • Breakdown of the Congress of Vienna (Concert of Europe) – why did it happen?
  • Italian Unification
  • German Unification
  • How did each European nation deal with nationalistic feeling and possible revolution?

20.1 – Mass Society and Democracy

  • Who was Karl Marx?
  • What is the main idea of the Communist Manifesto?
  • Why did socialist parties form?
  • Where were they popular?
  • How did trade unions develop?
  • How did trade unions shift the power between bosses and workers?

20.2 – The Emergence of Mass Society

  • Women’s roles in society prior to the 1800s
  • Traditional Family & Marriage Ideals
  • What were women fighting for during the Industrial Revolution?
  • How did they go about this?
  • Who were some prominent figures of this movement?
  • New Job Opportunities for women

20.4 – Toward the Modern Consciousness

  • Different artistic movements seen during the Industrial Revolution
  • How were these movements a reaction to industrialization?
  • Who were some major figures of these movements?

21.2 – Empire Building in Africa

  • What drove Europeans interest in colonizing Africa?
  • Where each European power’s colonies were located
  • How were Africans viewed and treated by Europeans?
  • Indirect Rule
  • The White Man’s Burden
  • Effects of Imperialism

21.3 – British Rule in India

  • British East India Company & Company Raj
  • What was the Sepoy Rebellion & how did it change British rule in India?
  • Benefits & Costs of British Rule
  • Indian Nationalism
  • Gandhi

21.4 – Nation Building in Latin America

  • How did nationalistic feelings come to Latin America?
  • Revolutions in both Mexico and South America
  • Jose de San Martin & Simon Bolivar
  • Rule of the Caudillos
  • Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
  • United States & Latin American relations

22.2 Revolution in China

  • Sun Yatsen and the Revolution of 1911
  • Yuan Shikai
  • What was the impact of Western culture on China & the impact of Chinese culture on the West?

22.3 – Rise of Modern Japan

  • End of Japanese Isolation
  • The Meiji Restoration
  • What were the reforms made by the Meiji in order to modernize Japan?
  • Japanese Expansionist activities
  • Why did the Europeans not consider the Japanese as equals?
  • United States & Japanese relations