Terms and Conditions for Participants in DDSS 2006

Terms and Conditions for Participants in DDSS 2006

Terms and Conditions for participants in DDSS 2006


Participation in the DDSS 2006 is free of charge for all participants regardless of their country of origin. The DDSS 2006 is sponsored by Danish Bilateral pre-accession assistance to Croatia - The Public Sector Capacity Building Programme for Croatia managed by the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Terms and conditions are subsequently subject to Danish rules and regulations.

All bellow mentioned reimbursements of expenses require submission by participants of original invoices and receipts of payment.

Attendance at all scheduled classes, lectures and exercises are mandatory for all participants.As classes will take place from Monday04 September to Wednesday 13 September, participants should arrive in Dubrovnik on Sunday, 03September and leave on Thursday 14 September 2006.

Reimbursement of international travel expenses

Round trip tickets (economy class only) from country of origin are reimbursed upon submission of original invoice and receipt to a maximum of 400,00 Euro per participant.

Reimbursement of domestic travel expenses in Croatia

Travel with Croatia Airlines (Zagreb-Dubrovnik-Zagreb) is reimbursed to a maximum of 100, 00 Euro/round trip.

Group travel can be arranged from Zagreb to Dubrovnik and back, (ZG-DU on 03 September, DU-ZG on 14 September) in which case there is no reimbursement of individual expenses for travel. Participants choosing this option should communicate that until 17 July latestto Mrs Jelena Furlan (see her contact details bellow).


Accommodation is provided free of charge in shared double rooms at the CAAS in Dubrovnik. No other form or type of expenses for accommodation are reimbursed or paid.


Don Frana Bulica 4

HR-20 000 Dubrovnik



Contact person:

Mrs Vlasta Brunsko

International Relations Officer

Phone +385 20 326 380

Fax. +385 20 326 390


Daily allowances

Daily allowances/diems are awarded toall participants in accordance with the regulations applying to Danish civil servants on assignment in Croatia. The amount is 417, 00 DKK (56,- Euro pr. day). Allowances shall cover all meals – including breakfast - and other daily necessities for participants.

Deductions in daily allowances are made for paid meals. Deductions are pre-determined according to the programme for the DDSS. Daily allowances are paid cash to the participant upon arrival in Dubrovnik

Period / Units / Amount / Total DKK / Total Euro
03/09-14/09 2006 / 11 days / 417,00 / 4.587,00
03/09 / dinner / 125,10 / 125,10
09/09 / dinner / 125,10 / 125,10
13/09 / dinner / 125,10 / 125,10
Net Allowance / 4.211,70 / 566,00

Local Transport

Local transport from the airport to CAAS and return is provided free of charge. Individual expenses for taxi from airport to the CAAS are reimbursed on the basis of paid receipts. No other individual expenses for local transport are reimbursed.


Participants from those countries for which the visa is needed to enter in Croatia are kindly requested to get a visa before entering the Republic of Croatia at the expense of their institution or at their own expenses.

Health Insurance

All participants must – at their own expense or at the expense of their institution- have an International Health and repatriation insurance valid for the entire duration of the DDSS 2006.

No other forms or type of expenses are reimbursed.

For all other information related to the application and organization of DDSS (only not in the period from 31 July to 18 August):

Mrs Jelena Furlan, MA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration

Diplomatic Academy

Diplomatic Training and Publishing Department

Medulićeva 36, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

Phone: + 385 (0)1 45 98 008

Fax: + 385 (0) 1 45 98 063