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Tennessee Army National Guard

Tennessee Army National Guard

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RE: Military Recruiting Access to Institutions of Higher Education (Solomon Amendment)

Dear SCHOOLPrincipal NAME,

Thank you for your continuing assistance in providing your school’s student enrollment information. This letter is to request the fall student directory information for yourfreshmanthrusenior classes. In 1996, Congress passed a series of laws that address Military Recruiting and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) Program Access to Students of Higher Education (commonly referred to as the “Solomon Amendment”) in order to help military recruiters meet congressionally mandated recruitment numbers. Under these laws, high-schools and colleges must give recruiters access to their campuses and provide them with lists containing “student recruiting information.” Some of this information may be prohibited for release to anyone if it is not designated by your institution as directory information under FERPA. However, since the Solomon Amendment overrides FERPA, it gives the military the right to receive data designated as “student recruiting information.” If an institution or its sub-element does not comply, the entire institution risks losing certain federal funds.

The “student recruiting information” we request is: name, local address, localtelephone listing, age(or year of birth)and class level.We would also ask for the e-mail addresses, especially if there is a standard naming convention (e.g., name @ xxx.edu). Any e-mail contact will be conducted on a limited and professional basis.

We prefer receiving the information in electronic format (Microsoft Excel if possible). Electronic files can be sent to r you may mail the directory to the above address ATTN: SGT Hannah Cincebox

The information is to be used for military recruiting purposes only. I understand that the information I am requesting is confidential and cannot be released to anyone outside my organization. I understand that under FERPA, I must destroy the student list once it has been used. Please note that Department of Defense components (Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, as well as Reserve and ROTC components of each) are entitled to receive student recruiting information once every semester or term.

Thank you again for your cooperation. The best way to continue to sustain an

All-Volunteer force is to present military opportunities to young people for their consideration. By offering information about money for college, job training, pay and travel, we have been able to maintain the strength our great nation requires.


Hannah Cincebox Sergeant, Tennessee Army National Guard Recruiter