Template for Developing

Template for Developing

Template for developing project for Super Group
Grab – Use a catchy name for the project / Time / So you want to change the world
Link into strategic planning from organisations
The aim of the Inner City (IC) SUPER Group is to provide opportunities for members to be involved in events across the Inner City:
SUPER = Service, Users, Participating,
Educating & Researching / Background
The So You Want to Change the World 2 day forum has been developed because of the involvement between the Inner City SUPER Group and the Kansas Consumer Advisory Council for Adult Mental Health Inc.
Members have travelled to the Recovery Conference during the past 2 years and witnessed the growth of consumer run organisations and the programs that they are creating for the consumers in Kansas.
An opportunity to showcase one of those programs with support from the Kansas University to evaluate how this program is accepted in NSW will enable members of the SUPER group to gain new skills and influence how mental health services are delivered across the Inner City.
The draft outcomes for the 2 day forum are:
  1. Raise profile of the SUPER Group
  2. Educate workers about Trauma Informed Care (TIC) from a Lived Experience perspective
  3. Expand the knowledge base about TIC
  4. Develop partnership with others interested in TIC

Identify outcomes we wants to achieve from being involved in the project
Money – JS to develop a budget
Food - $25.00 per day per head – JS to access information about menus and cost
Venue – visit Sussex St Wed 28 12.30
2 page flyer to be disseminated by end of Jan
Speakers to be developed by end of March
Support from various agencies across the IC
MC for 2 days and Chair for each session
As a group what will we gain from the project
At the end of the event how do we check that we have addressed the following
Have we achieved the outcomes
How do we collect feedback as we progress with project / Notes from meetings
Working group members feedback
Organisation feedback
Participants feedback
Where do we want to go with the information obtained from the project
DAY 1 – Thursday 7 May 2015 / Day 2 – Friday 8 May 2015
Time / Who is involved / Time / Who is involved
Draft times for the sessions / Registration
Develop a system to assist with registration process
Times for the sessions will be developed in February / Registration
9.15 / Session 1
Gary Parker to Open the conference / 9.15 / Session 5
The group to come back with suggestions for a guest speaker for the second day
11.00 / Morning Tea / 11.00 / Morning Tea
11.30 / Session 2
A panel session – look at what’s happening across NSW and invite appropriate speaker – look at page 29 from the NSW MH Living Well document / 11.30 / Session 6
A panel session – look at what’s happening across The Inner City and invite appropriate speaker – look at page 29 from the NSW MH Living Well document
12.45 / Lunch
Look at menu on 28 Jan / 12.45 / Lunch
1.30 / Session 3
To be developed in March 2015 / 1.30 / Session 7
To be developed in March 2015
3.00 / Afternoon Tea / 3.00 / Afternoon Tea
3.30 / Session 4
This session will be reserved for the MAD Pride group to showcase their talents / 3.30 / Session 8
Feedback from invited guest of what they have heard through the forum Announcements of winner of viewer’s choice for Poster sessions


These are tasks that the SUPER Group have identified through their meetings

Headings / What do they need to do / Name
Food / JS meet with the manager of the Marocchine Café and presented catering menu. The café regularly caters for events in the building and can easily manage the maximum numbers the venues can handle. The venue would like an indication by end of March if they will be providing refreshments
Other members of the SUPER Group to check other venues in China / John Schiffer
Name Badges / Name badges will be printed out from the Eventbrite program two days prior to the event. There will need to be a process to hand out the badges as people come to the forum / Douglas Holmes
Speakers / Speakers have been approached to participate in forum – see Speakers table. DH to ask speakers to confirm there availability and send a Bio of approximately (50 words) and a summary of their presentation (90 words0. The information is required by Mid March to allow the final promotional brochure to be distributed 1 week in April / Douglas Holmes
Posters / DH to develop a one page flyer promoting the development of a poster competition that will be voted on by delegates at the forum.
The poster content will focus on the Housing and Mental Health Agreement guidelines and the top three posters will be announced in S8 / Douglas Holmes
Lucky Door Prize
Stalls / There is room for 3 information stalls that a variety of information can be displayed during the 2 day forum
Funding / DH tabled an application form for MH Conference funding from Mental Health Australia. This grant closes on March 12 and will need to be auspiced / Douglas Holmes

Names for Sessions

The names for each of the sessions will be developed in consultation with the speakers and members of the SUPER Group

These titles came from a brainstorming session with the SUPER group on Wednesday 11 February and will be discussed with each of the panel members.

Session / Names for Session / Agreement
S1 / Welcome and Opening
S2 / Trauma Informed Care from a NSW Perspective
S3 / Deck of Dreams revisited
S4 / MAD Pride concert
S5 / Trauma from a Scotmans perspective
S6 / How do you address Trauma in a busy Hospital setting
S7 / Trauma in the Community
S8 / Are we heading in the right direction?


These are speakers who Douglas Holmes has spoken to since December 2012 about being involved in the program.

Session / Speaker / Information supplied
S1 / MC
Welcome to Country
Gary Parker
S2 / Jenna Bateman
Peri O’Shea
Jonathan Harms
S3 / Jen Lee
Other Speakers will be identified once Deck of Dreams voting is finalized
S4 / Lynda will develop program for MAD Pride concert
S5 / Ron Coleman
S6 / Luke Molloy, Paul Beckett, Kate Hocknell, Sarah Jones & Douglas Holmes
S7 / Neami Darlinghurst and Flourish, Daryl Holmes, lady from Jewish Muesum
S8 / Gary Parker, Ron Coleman, Cherie Bledsoe, Koleen Garrison

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