Tearfund Prayer Diary September2017

Tearfund Prayer Diary September2017


Surviving Ebola: 3 – 9 September

The largest and most complex Ebola outbreak reached a peak in 2013 to 2014, devastating communities in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. More than 10,000 died and many more were affected. Tearfund's emergency response to the outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia came to an end last year. Praise God that both countries are on the road to recovery.

Sunday 3 September

Lord, thank you that Sierra Leone and Liberia have been declared Ebola-free. The provision of water, sanitation, food, hygiene kits, counselling, health education and livelihoods support are some of the ways Tearfund helped 20,000 people affected by the outbreak. Father, thank you for the lives that have been supported through this work.

Monday 4 September

Tearfund worked through four local partners in Liberia and Sierra Leone to meet the needs of communities affected by Ebola. Lord, thank you for all the hard work, courage, dedication and commitment of partner staff to faithfully serve those in need despite huge challenges.

Tuesday 5 September

'By the grace of God I survived Ebola, but I still had mental scars until I attended counselling,' says Mary from Liberia. Tearfund brought together community leaders to organise grief counselling sessions for survivors and those who had lost family and friends. Pray that they will continue working together to provide support and encouragement to communities.

Wednesday 6 September

'I lost 11 family members and took in five orphans,' says Favour. Ebola left many children without parents. Some of them are now looked after by their extended families. But many have to survive alone. We ask you, Lord, to protect orphaned children from people seeking to take advantage of them and pray that you would heal their heartaches.

Thursday 7 September

There is a huge task ahead to rebuild the economy, health systems and infrastructure in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Many people have lost jobs, harvests have failed and food is scarce. Pray for the leaders in these two countries, that God will give them wisdom and guide them as they make plans to rebuild their economies.

Friday 8 September

Ebola survivors still experience poor health and suffer from headaches, pain and mental health issues. In coordination with the World Health Organization, government departments are seeking to meet people's recovery needs. Pray that survivors will be healed of pain and discomfort, and that research into the long-term health of those who have recovered from Ebola will provide some answers.

Saturday 9 September

Dear Lord, we pray for our brothers and sisters who have lost loved ones, often many family members, and for families trying to rebuild livelihoods and deal with stigma. We ask that 45

those who follow you will know your love and peace, and you will fill them with hope. Amen.

From Hurting To Healing: 10 – 16 September

On the 4 October 2016, Hurricane Matthew – a category four hurricane (the second highest classification) – struck Haiti, affecting 2,128,700 people through displacement, loss of homes and crops, flooding and landslides. Tearfund is still on the ground, supporting communities in their recovery, and building up their resilience to any future natural disasters.

Sunday 10 September

When the hurricane hit their village, Mickenson and Madeleine's school was destroyed. Their empty backpacks still hang on hooks next to their shared bed. As we support communities to rebuild local schools, pray that children like Mickenson and Madeleine will soon return to their classrooms.

Monday 11 September

Our partners are helping communities rebuild their homes, designed to be stronger and more resilient to harsh weather conditions. Thank God that these new homes are designed to withstand future natural disasters.

Tuesday 12 September

'Our main income was through our garden, but now it's all been washed away,' says Stanley, a farmer from St Jean du Sud. 'We no longer have any fruit or vegetables to sell.' We are working alongside farmers like Stanley who lost their crops, distributing tools and seeds so that they can improve their food security and boost their livelihoods. Pray that the forthcoming harvest will be plentiful, so that no one goes hungry later on in the year.

Wednesday 13 September

Nearly a year on, our staff and partners are still working around the clock to support those most in need. 'It's the people we work to serve who spur us on during the difficult times,' says Emily Green, who provided logistics support during our emergency response. We give thanks for people like Emily, who are committed to passionately working for families still recovering from the storm.

Thursday 14 September

In the aftermath of the hurricane, Haiti has also faced political upheaval. However, give thanks for the peaceful transition of power which took place earlier this year. Pray for wise and strong leadership as Haiti's new president, Jovenel Moise, seeks to help his country continue to recover from Hurricane Matthew.

Friday 15 September

'It is our supporters who make it possible for us to help people rebuild their homes, replant their gardens, and boost their livelihoods,' says Jean-Claude Cerin, Tearfund's Country Representative for Haiti. Give thanks for the many people who responded so generously to our emergency appeal, which has enabled us to help many communities recover from this disaster.

Saturday 16 September

'He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.' Psalm 91:4

Heavenly Father, thank you for your faithfulness even in the midst of the fiercest storms. As Haiti continues to recover from Hurricane Matthew, we ask for your hand of blessing upon the communities who are still re-building their lives. Amen.

Gifts For The Future: 17 – 23 September

This week we celebrate people who have included a gift to Tearfund in their will. We thank God for their love, faith and generosity in continuing Jesus' work where the need is greatest.

Sunday 17 September

Alice Blackburn had been a Sunday School teacher over many years and her strong faith was the inspiration for her support of Tearfund. Her faith shone through – particularly at the end of her life – as she looked forward to eternity with hope and peace. Praise God for his love, grace and kingdom and give thanks for lives lived in service to him.

Monday 18 September

Damaris Inie left a gift in her will. Her sons said, 'She was a committed Christian and active church member all her life, and no doubt her support for Tearfund sprang from this.' Praise God for faithful givers, motivated by their faith.

Tuesday 19 September

Mary Endicott supported Tearfund for most of her life and understood what it was like to have next to nothing, having grown up in an orphanage. Her daughter wrote to tell us that Mary was once told by HM Revenue & Customs that she was trying to give away 'more in tax than she was actually paying'. Father, thank you that you provide us with so much and help us to remember that all that we have is yours.

Wednesday 20 September

Frederick Burden was passionate about Tearfund and even more so when his granddaughter took a trip to Tanzania to visit projects. His daughter Rosemary wrote to us, saying that Alan and his wife, '... were happy to demonstrate their ongoing commitment by leaving a legacy in their will knowing that it would be used to support others in their need.' Pray for those who have given so much to help others even after their passing.

Thursday 21 September

Thirty-one years ago, Hilary Bale became a regular supporter through her friendship with a Tearfund member of staff. Hilary lived out her life with love for her family and friends and the charities that she supported. Lord thank you for your gift of life and that we may help deliver this gift to others around the world.

Friday 22 September

Margaret Duerden was a strong promoter and supporter of Tearfund, encouraging her church to give financial support. Contracting cancer four years ago, her fighting spirit kept the disease at bay while she continued to support and promote Christian activities such as Tearfund. Thank God for the servant-hearted like Margaret, and ask that the Lord would draw near to people facing illness.

Saturday 23 September

Dear Lord, we thank you so much for those mentioned here and for the many others who have chosen to leave a legacy to Tearfund. Thank you for their passion to end poverty and we praise you that, through their generosity, future generations will be blessed. In Jesus' name, Amen.

If you would like to know more about how to include a gift to Tearfund in your will, call 020 8943 7729, email r visit

Stories shared by generous permission of their families.


About 2.4 billion people still do not have a propertoilet. This makes them vulnerable to disease andless able to work and send their children to school.Our Toilet Twinning initiative raises funds to provideproper toilets, clean water and hygiene education –and help families take a first step out of poverty.


Rose’s family escaped themilitias’ guns and machetesduring recent conflict in CentralAfrican Republic – and tookrefuge in a displacement campnear Boda. But her teenage sondied due to insanitary conditionsin the camp. People are stilldying for lack of a proper toilet.Pray that world leaders willredouble their efforts to endthis injustice.


As well as providing toilets andclean water in displacementcamps in Central AfricanRepublic, Tearfund is trainingvolunteers to keep toilets andwashrooms clean and safe.‘I want to make the camp ahealthier place – not just for myfamily but for everyone,’ says onecleaning team leader, Ericaine.Thank God that teamworkis helping to build a sense ofcommunity in the camps.


A toilet-building project runby Tearfund partner AMI SanLucás in Guatemala teacheswomen that they haveworth, challenging the ideathat women exist only tobear children and cook. ‘It’schanging the way women thinkabout themselves, showingthat they too have rights,’ saysProject Coordinator Gengly.Praise God for the way heis empowering women andrestoring their dignity.


Sexual violence is rife inDemocratic Republic of Congo.Ebinda was attacked as shewent to the toilet in thebush. Such attacks are far lessfrequent since Tearfund trainedcommunities like Ebinda’s inSouth Kivu to build latrines.Pray that many more womenand girls will have the safetyof a toilet at home.


Bishwo, a teacher in Nepal, didnot understand why his familyand pupils kept falling ill – untila Tearfund partner explainedthe link between poorsanitation and ill health. Heimmediately built a toilet andheld an open day to encourageneighbours to follow suit.Pray that more families willunderstand why they need a

toilet and never be withoutone again.


Teenage girls at Bridget’sschool in Rukungiri, Uganda,often missed class or droppedout of school once theyreached puberty – becausethere were no proper toilets.Since Tearfund’s partner,North Kigezi and KinkiiziDioceses, built girls’ toiletswith a changing room, manygirls have re-enrolled. PraiseGod that toilets are reversingschool drop-out rates.


‘So in everything, do to otherswhat you would have themdo to you.’ Matthew 7:12

Dear Lord, thank you formeeting all our needs. Helpus to understand more fullywhat it means to be yourhands and feet here on earth.Prompt us, Lord, to provide forpeople who lack even the bareessentials. Amen.

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