Taipova Alice 11A

Taipova Alice 11A

Taipova Alice – 11A

Can one person be better than another if the only difference between them is their nationality? Of course, no, but the Second World War is an example of the quite opposite opinion. It sounds like an absurd but he Nazis were sure that their nation stands higher than others and only their nation has the right to live on the Earth. They tried to kill all the representatives of other nations. One of the most suffered nations were the Jews. It’s really frightening to imagine all the things that the Nazis made to this nation: they even didn’t think that the Jews were people too, because for them they were not.

Everything written before seems to be a horrible dream, but that’s a real fact that during the Second World War the Nazis killed 6 millions of Jews. But this number is too strict to show the whole tragedy. You must feel everything that the Jews had to go through? Only then you can say how terrifying it was. The book “The Diary of a young girl Anne Frank” can help you in it. This book is based on the diary of a 13-year old Jewish girl, who lived in occupied Holland during the war, and, the most terrible thing is that everything written there in many things that you read and the understanding of that makes you understand all the cruelty of people. In my opinion, all the people must read this book and maybe then some things happening today or happened in those days won’t happen ever again. Well, this is the wish of Anne Frank, my wish and, I hope so, the wish of most of the people on the Earth.

Fattakhova Dina – 11A

No one can know

What’ll wait us in the future?

No one can guess

What may be in the dark?

We think that we are

Lords of our feelings

Of our thoughts and dreams

And our lives

And then … the End…

It comes…one day it comes.

And we can understand

That all of us are dust

Just dust in the wind

In the wind which blows

Blows everywhere and blows everytime

But Hope exists

We must believe in it

It helps

Not everyone but those who want to live

Man’s soul in one

Of greatest secrets.

There are no rules

Of ruling secrets this.

And only you, yourself

Can order

And only you, yourself

Would not obey

And nobody can rule

The inner mist thoughts

That live in deepest

Depth of our souls.

Remember, please, this simple rule of life.

Please, everyone

Who has just read these words

I beg:

“Remember and believe

That people’re good

They’re really good at heart”.

Do not forget

These words

It’s truth of our life

And lives of those,

Who are not alive

Remember, please,

And, just believe in


Deblik Vera – 11A

The theme of World War II is connected with everyone and it doesn’t matter if he took part in it or not. I think that people of our age must be proud of their ancestors (parents) who gave us a chance for life, nobody knows what our life would be if this war ended in a different way.

I never thought that everything happened at that time could be so important for me.

I don’t understand how cruel, mean and egoistic a man could be. And why can a man rule the lives of others? A man doesn’t have the right to behave this way! And why must other people, for example, the Jewish, suffer from those Nazis?

The Nazis considered themselves to be a “master race” whose enemies were Jewish people everywhere. They rounded up all the Jewish people, put them into concentration camps, and then exterminated them in cruel and inhuman way, often torturing them first. All in all, the Nazis killed million people, six million of those were Jewish.

As it is known a German whose name was Oscar Schindler decided to help Jewish people. He was very rich and organized the factory, which produced aluminum dishes, and then understood that he could them. He spent all his money on this deal. After the war all the Jewish people, who were saved, were very happy and worried about him during their life.

Even nowadays their children and grandchildren remember and respect Oscar Schindler.

It’s a pity that only one German made such a deal, but it was the one who saved the Jewish race.