Subject: Request for Information (RFI) for Environmentally Compliant Chemical Conversion

Subject: Request for Information (RFI) for Environmentally Compliant Chemical Conversion

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Subject: Request for Information (RFI) for Environmentally Compliant Chemical Conversion Coatings

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As you know, the EU REACH Regulation may lead to potential restrictions on the use of Hexavalent Chromium (Cr+6) containing compounds due to ECHA evaluation of their impact on the environment and public health. As a result of such regulatory actions, a number of Aerospace companies are concerned about their continued ability to corrosion protect Aluminum Alloy parts and satisfactorily meet their product design requirements, particularly long term structural integrity in severe environments. This affects mainly compounds containing CAS#’s 1333-82-0, 7738-94-5, 7778-50-9, 24613-89-6, 7789-12-0, and 10588-01-9.

As an existing supplier of finishes and treatments for alloys used by the Aerospace industry, the IAEG™ working group on “Replacement Technologies” solicits and welcomes your response to this Request for Information for a chromate-free replacement for chemical conversion coatings that have traditionally been used within the Aerospace industry for protection of Aluminum alloys.

The IAEG™ is a non-profit corporation comprised of a global group of aerospace companies, established to facilitate harmonization of implementation practices amongst Aerospace Companies and their supply chains with the existing and emerging laws and regulations protecting human health and the environment. More information on the organization may be found at

The IAEG™ “Replacement Technologies” Working Group’s is comprised of representation by 17 of these major Aerospace companies. Its objective is to develop minimum requirements for environmentally compliant technologies to replace substances currently used in Aerospace products that are at risk for being at restricted, prohibited or otherwise unavailable.

Your responses to this RFI will be protected from disclosure outside of IAEG™ member companiesandthe Replacement Technologies Working Group will distribute the results of its evaluation of the responses to this RFI to all IAEG™ member companies, but not individual responses from you (or other responding companies).

Although your response will therefore receive wide visibility with the potential user community, we want to make it clear that successful compliance to requirements will not constitute a commitment or guarantee from IAEG members to purchase material. After the team’s evaluation, it will be for each IAEG member to decide on its own whether or not it may be interested in your materials or technologies. IAEG members may have additional requirements they may need to test and/or verify, and it will be up to individual member to contact you and work with you on their interest, independent from this RFI.

Specific Instructions:

Attached you will find:

  • A Performance Requirement Document (PRD) for “Chemical Conversion Coatings

Our request is directed at seeking your proposal for a product that meets the requirements of this PRD. Specifically, your response should include:

  • Your companies’ proposed product that meets the requirements of this PRD, along with any accompanying data sheets, and specific process instructions that are required for application, to allow the treated material to meet PRD requirements.
  • A full description of the test regimen that your proposed solution has met (or plans to meet) to validate the requirements of the PRD.
  • If you do not currently have a formulation and process to offer that meets the PRD requirements, our Working Group will welcome submittals that include plans for future development but, request that response include as much information on the product as is currently available (e.g. subset of requirements is does meet, target date for compliant product, proposed test regimen, etc.).

Please submit your intent to respond and any questions regarding this request by 29th January 2016to the point of contact (POC) listed below and we will supply answers to all questions back to all suppliers by 12thFebruary 2016 without revealing the source of the question.

Please submit your final response by email or written correspondence by 26th February 2016

Responses or future submittals past these dates are always welcome and will be distributed amongst Working Group members, but there will be no commitment by the Working Group to evaluate to the same extent as those that respond on the schedule above.

Upon completion of the IAEG™ “Replacement Technologies” Working Group evaluation, suppliers may request feedback on the Working Group’s assessment of their particular proposed product(s), and briefings will be scheduled within a reasonable timeframe, one on one with each requesting supplier.

As we are interested in your industrially available product, please do not send us any Proprietary or export sensitive data as part of your submission. Should we have any reason to suspect that your submission contains such information, we will return it without viewing or reviewing.

Point of Contact for intent to respond, questions and final submittal:

Becky DeGutis ()

400 Commonwealth Drive

Warrendale, PA 15096

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