Subject:Forklift Safety Written Program

Subject:Forklift Safety Written Program







The purpose of this program is to establish procedures for the safe operation of forklifts at SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRICAL CO., INC..

This program supports compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Powered Industrial Truck Standard as found in 29 CFR 1910.178. This program applies to all company employees who are responsible for operating material handling equipment, including forklifts.


Authorized Operator: Company employee who has satisfactorily completed both classroom and operation training on material handling equipment at company facilities.

Rated Capacity: The maximum weight that the forklift is designed to lift as determined by the manufacturer.

LoadCenter: The distance from the heels of the forks to the load's center of gravity.

A forklift's rated capacity is usually based on a load center of 24 inches.


The Program Administrator isRichard Drake

This person is responsible for:

  • Issuing and administering this program and making sure that the program satisfies the requirements of all applicable Federal, State or Local forklift safety requirements
  • Providing initial and training of employees on safe forklift operation
  • Maintaining the training records of all employees included in the training sessions

The Forklift Operator Evaluator is Shop Supervisor

This person is responsible for:

Assessing the driving skills of employees who are being authorized to operate material handling equipment in the company facility.

The Managers And Supervisors who=s employees use Forklifts

These people are responsible for:

Ensuring that all employees who need to operate forklifts in their departments have received training.

The Maintenance Department

This department is responsible for:

Maintaining all material handling equipment according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Administering all outside vendor maintenance contracts to service company material handling equipment

Forklift Operators

These people are responsible for:

  • Operating all material handling equipment in a safe manner consistent with company rules of operation
  • Inspecting forklifts at the beginning of each work shift and completing the appropriate inspection form
  • Reporting all equipment malfunctions and/or maintenance needs to their supervisor immediately

Program Activities

Equipment Inspection And Maintenance

ALL forklifts will be inspected before each shift.

A file will be maintained that lists the shift inspections of equipment. This file will be kept in the office.

A maintenance log will be kept that identifies repair needs and corrective action taken for each forklift. This log will be kept in the office.

If repairs are needed on a forklift, it will be taken out of service until repairs have been made.

After repairs are completed, the forklift will be given a performance test to ensure that the equipment is safe to operate.

Forklifts will be kept in clean condition, free of dirt, excess oil and grease.

Changing And Charging Batteries

  • Equipment will be provided to safely flush and neutralize spilled battery acid.
  • Smoking will be prohibited in the charging area.
  • Eyewash equipment will be maintained in all charging areas.
  • Precautions will be taken to prevent open flames, sparks and electric arcs in battery charging areas.


When forklifts are used to remove products from truck trailers, the brakes will be set on the highway truck, and wheel chocks will be placed under the rear wheels.

Operator Training

Only trained and authorized operators will be permitted to operate a forklift. Training will consist of classroom safety training and hands-on training with equipment used in the company.

Truck Operations

When a forklift is left unattended, the equipment will be put into neutral, the emergency brake will be set, and the power will be shut off. When the forklift is parked on an incline, the wheels will be blocked.

The forklift will be considered unattended when the operator is 25 feet or more away, or when the vehicle is not in view.

When the operator has dismounted the forklift and is within 25 feet of the truck, the load will be lowered, controls will be neutralized, and the brakes will be set.

Only approved industrial trucks will be used in hazardous locations.

When personnel are being lifted by the forklift, a safety platform will be used that is firmly secured to the lifting carriage and/or forks. An operator will remain at the controls of the truck while the employee is being lifted.

Fuel tanks will not be filled while the engine is running.

Oil or fuel spilled on the floor will be cleaned up immediately.


  • Speed limits will be observed, and under all travel conditions the forklift will be operated at a speed that will permit it to be brought to a stop in a safe manner.
  • Three truck lengths will be maintained between forklifts being operated.
  • The forklift will be kept under control at all times.
  • When vision is obscured, the operator will slow down and sound the horn.
  • If the load blocks the operator's view, the forklift will be driven backwards.
  • The loaded forklift will be driven with the load upgrade when driving on ascending or descending grades greater than 10%.


  • Only stable or safely arranged loads will be handled.
  • Only loads within the rated capacity of the forklift will be handled.


Inspection And Maintenance Recordkeeping

To insure that all forklifts are in safe operating condition, keep records of all inspections and maintenance.

Blank forms for Forklift Inspection Checklist and Inspection & Maintenance Log are provided in this section.

SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRICAL CO., INC. will keep a master log of all qualified forklift operators, including the types of forklifts they are qualified to operate and the date of their last training and safety skills evaluation.


SOUTHWESTERN ELECTRICAL CO., INC. will keep accurate records of all forklift safety training activities by recording all participants and training pertaining to this activity. The certificate is good for three (3) years if the employee remains qualified.



Gas, LPG or Diesel Forklift Operator's Daily Checklist

Master Log of Qualified Power Industrial Truck Operations

Forklift Operations Performance Skills Evaluation

Forklift Operator Certification Card (blank form)

Forklift Safety Training Record (Completed Operator Certification - Copy)


Powered Industrial Truck License Certification


(Print First, M.I., Last Name)

Selection Criteria

I certify that I meet all of the following physical qualifications and that if any changes to my physical condition develops or If I no longer possess a valid State Drivers License, I will notify my Supervisor within 24 hours.

* No adverse vision problems that are not corrected by glasses or contacts

* No adverse hearing problems that are not corrected by hearing aids

* No physical disorders that would impair safe operations

* No medication is being taken that will affect perception, vision, or physical abilities

Employee Signature______

Rating: 1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Good, 4 = Excellent

Additional training is required for all areas graded as Fair or below

____ 1. Familiarity with controls___ 13.Travel w/load at proper height

____ 2. Slows at intersections___ 14.Lowers load smoothly & slow

____ 3. Sounds horn at intersections___ 15.Load properly balanced

____ 4. Obeys signs ___ 16.Smooth start & stops

____ 5. Plans route, check doorways ___ 17.Moves forks completely unloaded

____ 6. Maintains clear view ___ 18.Drives straight up and down inclines

____ 7. Turns corners correctly ___ 19.Inspects any lifting straps used

____ 8. Yields to pedestrians___ 20.Places & stacks load evenly

____ 9. Drivers under control ___ 21.Drives backward under control

____10. Proper approach to loads___ 22.Parks properly -neutralizes controls

____11. Lifts load properly ___ 23.Properly places battery on charge

____12. Maneuvers w/load properly ___ 24.Properly changes & charges battery


______DATE: ______


Classroom Trainer: ______


Written Examination Grade ______Date:______

Review of OSHA Standard 1910.178


Loading & Vehicle Inspections

Qualified by: ______Date: ______

SWECO POLICY #___30___11/2008