STRATFOR Is Pleased to Provide Parker Drilling Company with This Proposal to Provide Corporate

STRATFOR Is Pleased to Provide Parker Drilling Company with This Proposal to Provide Corporate

November 17, 2009

STRATFOR is pleased to provide South African Airways with this proposal to provide intelligence analysis and monitoring for twelve countries in west and central Africa. STRATFOR’s intelligence services will assist South African Airways in understanding the current and emerging risks that could impact their business operations in the region.


STRATFOR is the world’s leading private intelligence firm. We are the world’s leading provider of geopolitical intelligence and analysis. We are also the world leader in providing businesses with strategic intelligence and analysis on hundreds of public policy issues worldwide.

STRATFOR provides proprietary research and strategic intelligence and analysis on a wide range of geopolitical, economic, public policy and security matters to its clients, which include some of the world’s largest businesses, major national and international trade associations, and governments.

Using its proprietary analytical methodology, STRATFOR has more than 15 years of experience in identifying emerging public policy trends, geopolitical and security issues for its clients.

STRATFOR’s headquartersare located in Austin, Texas. It maintains full-time teams of researchers, analysts and intelligence and security professionals. STRATFOR also maintains a worldwide intelligence network.

Scope of Work

To assist South African Airways in understanding and mitigating the potential risks associated with doing business in west and central Africa, STRATFOR proposes to provide risk analysis and monitoring services. South African Airways has expressed an interest in twelve countries, including:

  1. Cameroon
  2. Chad
  3. CentralAfricaRepublic
  4. Equatorial Guinea
  5. Gabon
  6. Republic of Congo
  7. Nigeria
  8. Cote d’Ivoire
  9. Ghana
  10. Democratic Republic of Congo
  11. Kenya
  12. Senegal

STRATFOR proposes a collaborative process that will identify the concerns in each country of interest that have the potential to disrupt South African Airways strategic plans in these countries by using our proprietary methods of intelligence analysis and our proprietary network of sources. STRATFOR analysts will begin by creating a business risk assessment for each country that will identify the most significant risks facing South African Airways in the countries of interest. Following the identification of potential problems in the business risk assessments, STRATFOR will arrange a teleconference with South African Airways Strategic Planning division to address any questions and concerns that arise after reading the business risk assessment. In order to ensure South African Airways is up to date on the current threat environment, STRATFOR will then monitor the potential problems identified in the business risk assessments and will provide designated individuals at South African Airways with information detailing how we believe these situations may impact the company’s operations and future strategic goals.


  1. Business Risk Assessments -- STRATFOR will provide a business risk assessment of each country of interest, detailing the significant issues we believe have the highest potential to disrupt South African Airways business operations. These assessments will include a variety of topics, including issues of political stability, changes of government personnel, security concerns, status of infrastructure, foreign direct investment regulation, and other issues of interest. Because South African Airways has specific strategic concerns within each country of interest, STRATFOR will arrange a conference call with a specified South African Airways representative ahead of the presentation of each report in order to better understand South African Airways strategic initiatives, including any specific issues that will require special treatment in the report. Each of the 12 reports will be approximately 6-8 pages in length and will be delivered on a once-per-month schedule over the course of one year.
  2. Teleconferences – Following the delivery of each report, South African Airways will have the option to participate in a one-hour interactive teleconference with STRATFOR Africa Director Mark Schroeder to discuss the report and address any questions and concerns related to the information presented. Following the delivery of the 12 business risk assessments, STRATFOR will continue to provide a once-per month one-hour teleconference to address current developments in the countries of interest and answer questions that may arise on the topics that STRATFOR identified in the business risk assessments.
  3. Monitoring Information – STRATFOR will provide South African Airways with updated information regarding the topics identified in the business risk assessments that could negatively impact the company’s strategic plans. These updates will provide a brief explanation of the situation of interest, while also adding STRATFOR’s analysis of the situation and our thoughts on the potential impact to South African Airways operations. STRATFOR will begin monitoring a country following the delivery of the business risk assessment though we will also provide monitoring information about the countries of interest prior to the business risk assessment if a critical situation arises. STRATFOR will monitor for this information on a daily basis, though it’s likely that significant information will not be uncovered every day.

Terms of Service

STRATFOR will monitor and analyze the topics of interest outlined above as they relate toSouth African Airways interests for a two-year period of performance. STRATFOR will begin service approximately 30 days after the execution of this agreement, with a projected start date of January 1, 2010.


Project Pricing / Pricing
  • Twelve (12) Business Risk Assessments to be delivered over a one-year period
  • Once-monthly teleconferences with STRATFOR Africa Director Mark Schroeder (24 teleconferences total)
  • Monitoring information, delivered over a 24-month period
/ $xx.00 USD

Payment Terms

Item / Pricing
Business Risk Assessments, Teleconferences and Monitoring Analysis for a two-year period of performance /
  • $xxx.00 USD due within xx days of the execution of this agreement
  • $xxx.00 USD due upon invoiceat the beginning of each quarter. The projected date of the first invoice is January 1, 2010.

Cooperative Engagement

This is a cooperative engagement that will require STRATFOR to have access to proprietary information ofSouth African Airwaysand access to key personnel. South African Airways will provide STRATFORwith any requested information and access to key personnel within twenty-four hours of notification from STRATFOR.

Proprietary Information

During the course of the term of this agreement, South African Airways and STRATFOR may have access to information of the other party that is confidential and proprietary. Such information may include, without limitation, customer lists, corporate or facility data regarding affiliates, information about trade secrets, costs, markets, strategies, plans for future development and any other development, and any other information of a similar nature. Each party, independently, hereby expressly covenants and agrees that anytime during the term of this agreement, it shall not use, furnish or disclose any confidential or proprietary information to any other person, corporation, association or other entity without the prior written consent of the other party.

Authorized Contacts

Business and Contractual Matters

Nathaniel Taylor______

International Sales Director______

STRATFORSouth African Airways

(o) 512.744.4300(o) ______

(m)+27 (0)73 255 1055(f) ______

(e) (e)______

Technical Matters

Anya Alfano______


STRATFORSouth African Airways

(o) 415.874.9460(o) ______

(f) 512.744.4105(f) ______

(e) (e) ______

Legal Compliance

STRATFOR represents, warrants, and covenants to South African Airways that all services to be performed by STRATFOR for South African Airways will be performed in strict compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, foreign or domestic, including without limitation the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and any applicable privacy laws.

Proposal Validity

This proposal shall remain valid until December 4, 2009.

STRATFOR looks forward to South African Airways favorable response to this proposal and hopes that it is the continuance of a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned or Ms. Anya Alfano at the aforementioned numbers with any questions you may have regarding this proposal.



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