Stonegate PUB COMPANY - Who Are We

Stonegate PUB COMPANY - Who Are We

Introduction & Instructions

Stonegate PUB COMPANY - Who are we

Our goal is to deliver fantastic customer experiences. We operate over 660 pubs and bars across the UK, within a wide variety of formats: from community and high-street pubs, through branded bars, to country inns and late-night venues.

  2. We purchase our caskand keg craft beer through The Beer Company Consolidations Ltd (TBCCL).
  3. All our pubs order their cask and keg craft beers on Tradesimple (our online site ordering system).
  4. These orders go through to TBCCL who send on to the individual breweries with the purchase order number and outlet details.
  5. The brewer then confirms the order and delivers direct to the outlet.
  6. After delivery, the brewery sends the signed delivery note and invoice to TBCCL and the credit terms start.
  2. All account set up details are now online at
  3. Register your e-mail and contact details to receive regular updates
  4. Create your online account with all product and price information
  5. All new accounts will be sent to Stonegate for approval
  6. All new price files will be sent to Stonegate on the 1st of each month and may take up to 6 weeks to go live on the tills and be visible to outlets.
  7. Please note that our pubs can choose from hundreds of breweries and thousands of products so orders are unlikely unless you have made contact with the outlets and support your brands (updated house lists will be e-mailed out regularly to all registered brewers)
  1. CREDIT TERMS & Payment
  2. Credit terms are 45 days from end of month.
  3. The price on your invoice must match that on the order – price increases can take the same amount of time as product set up to be updated on the system.
  4. The invoice must clearly show the purchase order number provided.
  5. Remittances are sent out in advance, please check your remittances and send back our invoice query form within 48 hours if anything is missing/inaccurate - once the pay run is complete we will not action any queries until the following month.
  2. Stonegate orders are sent out daily with outlet details and purchase order number.
  3. Brewers need to confirm they can deliver the orders within 2 hours of receipt (Tradesimple holds all brewery information so you will get orders out of your delivery area on occasions – we need to cancel these and let the pubs know when they come through).
  4. We advise you have a direct relationship with the local pubs/managers and let them know your delivery days.
  5. Once delivery has been made, you will need to e-mail a signed delivery note and invoice (these must state the purchase order number issued with the order) to for credit terms to start.
  1. deliveries
  2. All casks must have a bbd of 30 days or more
  3. The brewer must provide a pump clip with every cask

6.1. If any ullages are reported by outlets, we will send you an ullage form which must be acknowledged within 24 hours.

6.2. All ullages must be collected and credited with 7 days from notification

  2. Do not agree any free stock offers with outlets – brewers providing free stock will be removed!
  3. Do not take an order from an outlet, only orders e-mailed by TBCCL can be invoiced.
  4. Only invoices that match the pricing and volumes on our orders can be processed.
  5. We will not process any paperwork without purchase order numbers.
  6. The credit terms start once we have received the correct paperwork (not date of delivery or order).
  7. Service standards will be monitored and suppliers will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  8. Invoices should be addressed to The Beer Company Consolidations Ltd (not The Beer Company as this is a different account).
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