State Competency Test Review

State Competency Test Review


State Competency Test Review


Indicate whether the statement is true or false.

____1.The default is the setting that is predetermined in software?

____2.An adjacent Group of cells or H4:H10 is called a range?

____3.Word Art converts text to a graphic?

____4.A group of vertical cells in a table is called a row?

____5.A group of horizontal cells in a table is called a row?

____6.Split panes would be better than freeze panes to view opposing ends of a spreadsheet?

Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

____7.Formatting is applied when a cell meets certain criteria.

a. / conditional formatting
b. / auto format
c. / style
d. / text wrapping

____8.The ______at the bottom of a program window shows information about the open file or task being performed.

a. / task pane
b. / status bar
c. / title bar
d. / menu

____9.Which type of text wrapping was use to achieve this result?

a. / tight wrap
b. / square wrap
c. / inline with text
d. / behind

____10.What type of text wrap was used to achieve this affect?

a. / tight wrap
b. / inline with text
c. / square wrap
d. / behind

____11.The ______provides access to commonly used commands.

a. / quick access toolbar
b. / status bar
c. / preview pane
d. / title bar

____12.Which option correctly expresses a cell as an absolute cell reference?

a. / B$2
b. / @B@B
c. / $B$2
d. / &B&2

____13.In Excel, what option would be used to break words/labels between lines?

a. / wrap text
b. / word wrap
c. / line wrap
d. / vertical alignment

____14.This type of view allows you to see the page as it will be printed including headers/footers, and page numbers?

a. / print preview
b. / normal view
c. / zoom
d. / outline

____15.Columns are commonly used in

a. / newspapers & magazines
b. / business letters
c. / reports
d. / distribution list

____16.In Excel besides the active cell where else does text display as you type?

a. / name box / c. / active cell
b. / formula bar / d. / worksheet tab

____17.In Word, this contains the standard text and merged fields.

a. / data field / e. / primary key
b. / letter wizard / f. / main document
c. / mail merge / g. / data source
d. / data record

____18.When a document contains personalized data a ______was probably used.

a. / data field / e. / primary key
b. / letter wizard / f. / main document
c. / mail merge / g. / data source
d. / data record

____19.A complete set of information for an individual.

a. / data field / e. / primary key
b. / letter wizard / f. / main document
c. / mail merge / g. / data source
d. / data record

____20.A category of information in a data source file.

a. / data field / e. / primary key
b. / letter wizard / f. / main document
c. / mail merge / g. / data source
d. / data record

____21.All the data records create a ______.

a. / data field / e. / primary key
b. / letter wizard / f. / main document
c. / mail merge / g. / data source file
d. / data record

____22.In a Word merge document, what is a field?

a. / a specific piece of information
b. / a record
c. / a data source file
d. / a wizard

____23.A ______will allow you to quickly create a merged letter in Word?

a. / question
b. / wildcard
c. / wizard
d. / copy/paste

____24.A ______is a saved collection of formatting characteristics that can be applied to items within a document.

a. / style / c. / look
b. / structure / d. / theme

____25.A cell is ______with another cell when the boundaries are removed between the two cells.

a. / split
b. / combined
c. / merged
d. / justified

____26.Endnotes are placed at the end of the document and footnotes are placed at the bottom of the page. The only real difference between them is.

a. / the placement / c. / the order
b. / the formatting / d. / information included

____27.______should be used to align text at the same place from row-to-row to line-to-line.

a. / tabs / c. / insertion point
b. / spaces / d. / alignment

____28.Selecting ______designates which row/column will print on every page of an Excel worksheet.

a. / header
b. / print area
c. / print title
d. / print cells

____29.The table was sorted. Which column controlled the sort?

a. / Score
b. / Standard 2
c. / Standard 7
d. / Standard 8

____30.What type of sort was used in the score column?

a. / ascending
b. / descending

____31.What keys would be pressed to display a worksheet in formula view?

a. / ctrl + !
b. / ctrl + `
c. / ctrl + #
d. / ctrl + @

____32.Use this function for the smallest value in a range of cells.

a. / max
b. / min
c. / count
d. / lookup

____33.Use this function for the largest value in a range of cells.

a. / max
b. / min
c. / count
d. / lookup

____34.Returns one of two values based on a logical test.

a. / IF statement
b. / min
c. / count
d. / lookup

____35.Finds a specific value in a table based on a cell’s value.

a. / IF statement
b. / min
c. / count
d. / lookup

____36.Which page layout option enables an Excel worksheet to be printed on a certain number of pages?

a. / scaling
b. / horizontal
c. / percentage
d. / orientation

____37.What must a data range have before subtotals can be inserted?

a. / sorted data
b. / enough information to show subtotals
c. / grand totals
d. / cells

____38.A ______temporarily hides information that does not meet a specific criteria.

a. / sort
b. / filter
c. / lookup
d. / sum

____39.In PowerPoint what button can be created to allow a user to perform tasks like going to a specific slide?

a. / transition
b. / action button
c. / go forward button
d. / start button

____40.The smallest font size to use in a presentation is a______size font.

a. / 72
b. / 24
c. / 48
d. / 16

____41.What button is used to view the presentation in full screen?

a. / slide sorter
b. / slide show
c. / normal slide
d. / slide master

____42.What button is used to view multiple slides on a page?

a. / slide sorter
b. / slide show
c. / normal slide
d. / slide master

____43.The ______is used to control styles, design/themes, objects, text, etc. that appears on all slides of the same type.

a. / slide master
b. / slide sorter
c. / slide
d. / page setup

____44.By setting ______the slide show will advance at a predetermined rate.

a. / automatic progression
b. / automatic timing
c. / placeholder
d. / animation

____45.The ______can be used to add information to a presentation that the audience won’t see.

a. / normal view / c. / notes pane
b. / slide pane / d. / task pane

____46.Links you to other places including other slides, file, or websites?

a. / transitions
b. / hyperlink
c. / merge
d. / jumping

____47.The slide layout includes______that arrange text or content in various configurations.

a. / objects
b. / images
c. / placeholders
d. / orientation

____48.Use this to quickly apply the same text formatting and other formatting to multiple pieces of text or shapes.

a. / exclamation / c. / query
b. / search / d. / format painter

____49.A ______is a grayed word or picture behind the text.

a. / hyperlink
b. / Screenshot
c. / page border
d. / watermark

____50.In an Excel worksheet, this will allow you to scroll down or to the right and still see the rows and columns you want wherever you are in the worksheet.

a. / split panes
b. / freeze panes
c. / divide panes
d. / lock panes

____51.In an Excel worksheet, using these will make your formulas much easier to understand and maintain.

a. / mixed cell references / c. / cell references
b. / absolute cell references / d. / named ranges

____52.In Word, insert this to end a paragraph in one column and start a new paragraph at the top of the next column.

a. / column break
b. / standard page break
c. / continuous break
d. / blank page break

____53.In Word, do this command to insert a section break and start the new section on the same page.

a. / column break / c. / continuous break
b. / standard page break / d. / blank page break

____ 54. Which type of break is used to end the current page and move to the next page?

a. / page break / c. / column break
b. / next page break / d. / continuous page break

Multiple Response

Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.

____55.Graphics or Text that can be printed on the top or bottom of page are known as (write all that apply)

a. / toppers
b. / headers
c. / endnotes
d. / footer

____56.In a hanging indent all but the ______line moves to the ______.

a. / left / c. / first
b. / bottom / d. / right

____57.When selecting shading or fill for a cell which of the following is true?

a. / light text should be on a dark background
b. / dark text should be on a dark background
c. / dark text should be on a light background
d. / it doesn’t really matter what color the fill or shading is

____58.What type of cell alignment was applied to the first row (Standard 2, Standard 3, etc)?

a. / Horizontal: Left Vertical: Bottom
b. / Horizontal: Right Vertical: Top
c. / Horizontal: Justify Vertical: Bottom
d. / Horizontal: Center: Bottom

____59.What correct design principles should be used when creating a presentation? (write all that apply)

a. / Use a 12 point font / e. / Use full paragraphs
b. / Be brief and keep to the point / f. / Use different designs and styles on each slide
c. / Adhere to copy write laws / g. / Use complementary colors
d. / Use animation and slide transitions sparingly / h. / Use at least a 24 point font


Match the icon to its description

a. / / h. /
b. / / i. /
c. / / j. /
d. / / k. /
e. / / l. /
f. / / m. /
g. / / n. /


____61.Accounting Number Format

____62.Format Painter

____63.Font Color

____64.Decrease Indent

____65.Sum function/AutoSum

____66.Fill Color

____67.Move image

____ 68. Resize a column or row

____ 69. Merge and Center cells

____ 70. Rotate image

____ 71. Increase decimal

____ 72. Insert Function

____ 73. Select a range of cells cell

____75.sheet tabs

____76.insert function box