Spillages and Breakages Risk Assessment

Spillages and Breakages Risk Assessment

Spillages and Breakages Risk Assessment

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Describe the hazards associated with the activity/operation.
Employee, member or third party injury, this may include:
  • Back injury
  • Ligament/tendon injuries
  • Cuts/abrasions or bruises
  • Muscular/nerve injuries
  • Knocked unconscious
These injuries may lead to time off work and/or hospitalisation.
Persons at Risk (tick appropriate boxes)
Employee / Pregnant Women
Visitor / Disabled Persons
General Public / Lone Workers
Young Persons / Others
Hazard and Risk Potential (tick appropriate boxes)

Hazard PotentialRisk Potential


2Negligible2Quite Possible



5Major5Very Likely

Risk Level = Hazard Potential (Times) Risk Potential

Risk Control Measures- (List the measures which are to be undertaken in the short term to ensure that the risk is reduced to an acceptable level) / Actioned By / Date
Employees are required to clear up any spillages or breakage’s immediately.
  • When glass or other sharp objects are required to be removed or cleaned up a brush and a shovel must be used. Such objects should never be lifted by hand.
  • Broken glass or sharp objects must be placed in the safe bin provided; this bin is lined with a bin liner to ensure that after the broken object has been placed within it no other handling occurs. This is located within the bar and pantry area.
  • Liquid waste should be mopped up. While waiting for the area to dry suitable signage should be displayed to warn others that the area is wet and therefore slippery.
The area in which the spillage or breakage took place should be returned to its condition prior to the spillage or breakage.
A broken glass bin should be provided within the bar area and emptied on a regular basis. Employees emptying the bin are required to ensure that the broken glass (within a bin liner) is placed at the bottom of the rubbish skip.
Under no circumstances will any broken glass be placed at the top of the rubbish.
If any spillages or breakages of chemicals and/or their containers are encountered, employees are required to refer to the chemical assessments for that chemical and also the safety data sheet. These will provide the manufacturers/suppliers advice on dealing with the situation both the safe cleaning of the area and the disposal of the waste.
Employees are required at all times to ‘clean as they go’ this ensures a clean and tidy working areas.
Employees are required to wear suitable and safe footwear when working.
Recommendations -(List the recommendations to improve the standard of risk control in the long term). / Actioned By / Date Completed
Employees are required to highlight any problems with the working areas and ways in which the efficiency and design could be improved.
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