Service Officer Performance Assessment

Service Officer Performance Assessment



Date of Assessment:

Evaluator’s Name:

Rating Scale: 5= Excellent, 4= Good, 3= Adequate, 2= Poor, 1= Unacceptable

*Insert N/A in the score box for any item you are unable to rate.

Communication: / Score
  1. Communicates clearly and effectively.

  1. Is available and accessible

  1. Demonstrates sound judgement in making decisions.

  1. Builds linkage and partnership within the organization and outside the organization.

  1. Contributes ideas and plans for achieving organizational goals.

  1. Stimulates quality and innovative ideas to improve the organization.

Work Performance:
  1. Completes work tasks within established deadlines.

  1. Gives clear and consistent information to Board members and general membership

  1. Executes established policy consistently and without personal bias.

  1. Allocates appropriate resources, including time, for execution of duties.

  1. Treats Board members, general membership, vendors and contact agencies with dignity and respect.

  1. Manages the organization’s budget effectively and efficiently.

  1. Provides adequate clerical and administrative support, where needed.

  1. Successfully implements policies and programs to meet organizational goals.

  1. Works effectively with Texas NAHRO and its officers, committee chairs and others

  1. Effectively participates in the planning, development and implementation of TX NAHRO sponsored events, programs and activities.

  1. Maintains the mailing lists, membership and dues records of Texas NAHRO.

Work Performance (Continued): / Score
  1. Prepares and mail dues notices, renewals and recruitment materials for individual, agency, affiliate and other categories of membership

  1. Receives, records, and forwards all proceeds to the TXNAHRO Treasurer consistent with current standard operating procedures.

  1. Maintains accurate records of all transactions to the accounts, including documentation of all receipts and providing a monthly accounting of all transactions to both the President and the Treasurer for reconciliation.

  1. Transmits all records of transaction of TXNAHRO to the Treasurer on a weekly basis.

  1. Provides membership lists and renewal status reports as directed.

  1. Prepares, edits, publishes and distributes a quarterly newsletter.

  1. Prepares, edits, publishes and distributes meeting registration notices for Texas NAHRO, including in the newsletters a Directory of leaders and key participants updated biennially, notices of elections and nominations and such other reports, information and notifications as are required by the Bylaws or provided by the leadership to be published and mailed within 2 weeks of the quarter.

  1. Provides assistance to TX NAHRO in hosting local agencies in the conduct and planning of Conferences and Workshops and Training Sessions.

  1. Oversees and supervises the registration at all TX NAHRO sponsored events.

  1. Acts as a general coordinator for all TX NAHRO meetings and provides administrative support, as needed.

  1. Coordinates the hospitality activities in concert with the local host agency for TX NAHRO sponsored events.

  1. Acts as a liaison with Region and National NAHRO Offices as approved by the President.

  1. Facilitates effective communication between TX NAHRO and its members via electronic media, newsletters, written and verbal communications including proper maintenance of the TX NAHRO Web-site.

  1. Provides assistance to the officers and committee chairs in carrying out their respective duties, accomplishing Chapter goals and general communications with the membership.

Rating Scale: 5= Excellent, 4= Good, 3= Adequate, 2= Poor, 1= Unacceptable

*Insert N/A in the score box for any item you are unable to rate.

a) Total Score:______

b) Total Items Scored:Maximum Possible Score:125

c) Percent (a/b)______

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