School Supply List Is on Select Middle School and Teacher Pages

School Supply List Is on Select Middle School and Teacher Pages

School Supply list is on Select middle school and teacher pages.

Every day, studentsneed:

  1. Sharpened pencils
  2. Pocket pencil sharpener
  3. Binder and composition notebook
  4. Calculator TI-30preferably


  1. 1 box of colored pencils
  2. 2 large boxes of tissue
  3. Small Scissors
  4. Glue stick
  5. Ruler/protractor


Education is a partnership between home and school. We value parent involvement at every level andencourage you to partner with us. In order for this partnership to be effective, we need to be able to communicate

Please feel free to write a note, or e-mail us if you have concerns or questions about your child’s education. We are always available to schedule a conference to discuss any issue or concern you have regarding your child.The best way to reach us is by email;

A Guide

7th grade


Mr. Brochstein

Ms. Player


When you are absent, your classwork/homework will be in a class folder for you to pick up when you return. You are responsible for turning in any missing homework or other assignments that were due while you were out for an excused absence.*

Unexcused absences do not get to make up any assignments.

Things You Can Do At Home To Help you succeed:

Read over your notes

Do your homework!

Make sure you get enough sleep.

Eat breakfast

Write down any questions you have.

Come to office hours


Your grades will be based on tests/projects (40%), quizzes (30%),

Classwork (20%) and homework (10%).

Behavior Expectations:

We have high expectations for you.We expect you to achieve academically to your fullest potential and to contribute in a positive manner to our classroom.

The expectations are listed and will be placed on website for reference


Most weeks, homework will be given Monday through Friday. All completed homework will receive a 3, and all missing homework will receive a zero. Late homework will receive a 1 credit.


If you are late to class you will fill out a late slip. 3 tardies warrant a detention and a phone call home. If you are late with an excused pass from a teacher, place it in the binas you enter the room and quietly proceed to your desk.


  1. Be in your seat by the beginning of class and begin Do now.
  2. Bring all materials to class and take them with you when you leave!
  3. Follow directions the first time they are given
  4. Show good manners and Treat everyone and everything with respect.
  5. Follow all procedures and policies in the FMS handbook.
  6. Keep food, drinks and non-school issued electronic equipment out of the classroom.
  7. Always do your best!
  8. Guideline infractions notices will be given out for not following these guidelines. This will result in a conference with me, detention and parent involvement.
  9. Personal responsibility reports will be filled out by you, (students),anytime there is a missing assignment.


  1. Upon entering the room, find your seat and start your do now.
  2. Take out homework.
  3. If you need us, raise your hand.
  4. If we need you, we will raise our hand and complete procedure for “give me five.”
  5. If you are tardy, come in quietly and follow tardy procedures.
  6. If you finish work early, you may read a math book from class or try the brainteasers or another math game we have available.
  7. Papers are passed to the left to be collected, not up and down the columns.
  8. Please participate! We would love to know your thoughts, but if it’s not relevant, write it down and ask us after class.
  9. You need permission to move around the room.
  10. We dismiss you…. (not the bell). Everyonemust be seated in order to be dismissed.

We believe in you! You have the potential to do well and have great success! Always come to usanytime you need help. 