School Leadership Team

School Leadership Team

School Leadership Team

December 14, 2017

Attendees: Dr. Patricia, Beth Leo, Tianna LeGardye, Rachelle Fink, Vicki High, Maddie Ridpath, Tiffany Hughes, Dana Monaghan, Nicole Argento, Lauren Kendall, Suzanne Dornsmith, Katasha Lloyd

8:02 Share the Joy

8:05 Title IX

Covers anti bullying, not discriminating on gender, making sure girls and boys get the same opportunities in older grades in reference for sports/clubs

Our Grace and Courtesy lessons help children to be kind, peaceful, and to include all.

Ms. Melissa is using a kindness box

Mr. Nathan is having the Upper El students reflect on their group work and provide feedback to each other.

All administrators have had extensive training

8:09 Winter Performance is tonight. This is Mr. Nathan’s first performance.

Book fair will be open before and after the concert

8:10 Parent Education-Technology and Read to Achieve

We had the technology morning. About 16 families attended. For those who did not attend a flyer was sent home in the Thursday folders to help login from home and what programs can be accessed.

We have had 2 Read to Achieve meetings for parents of 2nd and 3rd graders. Only 8 parents attended. Read to Achieve is a state law that says each child must meet benchmark prior to being passed onto 4th grade.

Will look into how to get the information out to those parents who could not attend.

8:13 Impact Drive Update- we met budgeted goal of $9,000

Movie PJ day is Tuesday Dec. 19th

Spring Spectacular is the next big PTA event

8:14 Update on International Day- Dr. Patricia took idea to staff and the staff picked a day. Staff is excited. It will be March 22 at 6:00 p.m. We would like a group of parents to help organize the event.

8:16 Questions/Concerns

To keep parents informed could we send out the SLT representative name from each class so that parents could contact them with questions or could they send out information from meetings. Would have to check with those parents to make sure it would be okay. Notes are posted online; meeting days are posted in the weekly PTA email

Is there a way we could get Shauna to let PTA know how parents like to be contacted from her survey? They are very interested in how parents responded. Dr. Patricia will follow up on this.

Read to Achieve question- how much of an impact has it made on the school? Children will take the BOG and those who do not score well are tracked and monitored throughout the year. They have extra support from teachers and instructional staff to make sure they do well on the EOG. It has also pushed us to look more closely at our 2nd graders to see where they are performing and what they need to be doing to prepare them for third grade.

What is the new sign above the office? Last year we applied for the Magnet Schools of America Merit Award. We received award in April but just recently had it hung.

This year we are working on the Magnet School Certification process. It is a 4-5 year certification. The process does not end until June so we will not know until next school year if we get it.

One area of focus for the certification process is on outside areas/gardening/outside classroom paired with community involvement.

PTA has funds for gardening in their budget.

Parents shared ideas of local businesses and parents who may be willing to help.

We will look into starting a student gardening club?