Romero, M.L., Espinós, A.,Albero, V. and Smith, J. (Authors of the Paper)

Romero, M.L., Espinós, A.,Albero, V. and Smith, J. (Authors of the Paper)

Romero, M.L., Espinós, A.,Albero, V. and Smith, J. (authors of the paper)

Title of the paper

M. L. Romeroa*,A. Espinósa, V. Alberoaand N. Surnameb

aICITECH, UniversitatPolitècnica de València, Spain

bDepartment, University, Country

*corresponding author, e-mail address:


Please provide a summary of your paper in form of an Abstract. The Abstract should have a length between 200–400 words.

Full paper must be prepared using this template and submitted in MSWord format.

Please make sure you mark the designated corresponding author in the manuscript-head with an asterisk * (e.g. see “M. L. Romero”).

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2018, UniversitatPolitècnica de València

Romero, M.L., Espinós, A.,Albero, V. and Smith, J. (list here the authors of the paper)

  1. Introduction

The papershould have a length between5 and 8 pages, incorporating all text, references, figures and tables. These guidelines are strict: papers failing to adhere to the guidelines (by being less than 5 pages, more than 8 pages, altering margins or not following the template) will be rejected without consideration of their merits.Language of the paper shall be English. Please proofread your paper.

  1. Paper size, margins and numbering

Please use page size A4. All the text, figures and tables must be included within the document margins. The margin settings are: Top 2.5 cm; Bottom 2.5 cm; Inside2.5 cm; Outside2.5 cm. Please do not insert page numbers.

This document should be used as a template for formatting the papers. Text is set in two columns of 7.5 cm width each with 1 cm spacing between the columns. Documents should have no more than three levels of headings, which will be numbered with Arabic numerals starting at 1.

2.1.Fonts and styles

Please use the pre-set ASCCS style formats specifically created in this template to assist authors in writing their manuscripts.

All text should be typed in Times New Roman11 pt on single line spacing (6 pt line spacing after paragraph) except for thepaper title (Times New Roman 16pt bold), authors (Times New Roman 12pt bold), affiliation (Times New Roman 10pt), section headings(Times New Roman 12pt bold), subsection headings(Times New Roman 11pt bold in italics), references(Times New Roman 10pt)and the figure and table captions (Times New Roman 10pt). Never add any space between lines or paragraphs.First lines of paragraphs are indented 5 mm except for titles or headings.

2.2. Figures, tables and equations

Figures and tables should appear in numerical order, be described in the body of the text and be positioned close to where they are first cited. An example is given in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1.This is the style for figure captions.

Please ensure that all figures are clearly labelled and easily readable in black and white printing.All figures and tables should be centered. Tables should have top and bottom borders. Table text should be typed in Times New Roman 10pt with single line spacing.Tables must be referred in the text in the format as Table 1.

Table 1.This is the style for table captions. Table captions should appear above tables.

Variable / Value
x / 43.2
y / 12.5

Use the equation editor of MS Word or preferably MathType with the standard settings(12pt italic Times New Roman). Equations shall be numbered. An example is given in Eq. (1).



References must be formatted in ASCCS_referencesstyle availablein this template. Please ensure that all work cited in the text is included in the reference list.

References must always be given in sufficient detail for the reader to locate the work cited.

References in the text should appear [1], [2], [3], etc. Use a comma between two consecutive reference citations, e.g. [1, 2]. Use an unspaceden dash to indicate a numerical range within reference citation, e.g. [4–6]. References should appear in numerical order in the text and listed numerically in the reference list at the end of the paper. Thus the order of the list matches the order of appearance of references in the text.

[1]Albero V, Espinos A, Romero ML, Hospitaler A, Bihina G, Renaud C. Proposal of a new method in EN1994-1-2 for the fire design of concrete-filled steel tubular columns. Engineering Structures 2016;128:237-255.

[2]Shaeiwitz JA, Turton R. Educating chemical engineers in product design. International Journal of Engineering Education2003;19:153-157.

[3]Van Vugt M, Hogan R, Kaiser RB. Leadership, followership, and evolution: Some lessons from the past. American Psychologist 2008;63(3):182-196.

[4]Bloom BS. Taxonomy of Educational Objectives.New York; 1956.

2018, UniversitatPolitècnica de València