Role: Tall Ships - Eventcoordinator (Ref: 009)

Role: Tall Ships - Eventcoordinator (Ref: 009)



Role: Tall Ships - eventCOORDINATOR (Ref: 009)

What might I be doing?
1.Site branding and signage
-Must be available prior to the event on Monday 9th or Tuesday 10th July to assist in decorating the event site
-This role will continue during the event to ensure the site is welcoming and will be combined with general event stewarding
-Will assist the Site Team with preparing the event zones by placing banners, decorations and hoardings.
2.Park & Ride/Coach Tour welcome
-Good at organising people and happy to work in a busy environment
-Will communicate information in a clear, concise manner to both public and colleagues and remain courteous in testing situations
-Located at various points throughout the Tall Ships site and will be combined with general event stewarding role
3.Event Information Guides
-Roles will be based both on and off site and also manning telephone lines in liaison office (information phone number)
-Will be very much public-facing, and will be the primary source of information to event visitors
4.Crew Activity Co-ordinators
-Organisation and marshalling of a tournament or referee a game
-Accompany crews on sight-seeing tours ensuring all who attend (encouraging those who sign up to actually attend, working with liaison officers)
-These roles will be additional support to Liaison Officers and will work closely alongside this team
5Corporate hospitality/water taxis
-Meet and greet guests as they board vessels for corporate hospitality functions and day sails
-Distribute volunteer meal packs and ensure that both crew and volunteer rest areas have adequate supplies of tea/coffee/snacks throughout the day
What skills do I need to undertake the Role?
  • Customer service
  • Organised and efficient
  • Good communicator
  • Enjoys working outdoors
  • A general knowledge of Sunderland history and the main tourist attractions in and around the town
  • Commitment to Equal Opportunities
  • Sport or youth work experience
  • Basic administration experience
  • Event management/stewarding experience
  • Experience in sales or customer service environment
  • Have an eye for detail

Event related circumstances
  • The event will be extremely busy and crowded with potentially large distances between duties and rest/feeding areas. This role will involve working across the expansive event space, potentially covering large distances.
  • The event will be open from 1000-2200hrs daily with briefings for volunteers prior to this, so days will be long. This may be mitigated with shift arrangements.
  • The local area traffic and transport routes are likely to reach saturation and careful movement planning will be needed in order to arrive for duties on time

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