Reservation Contract

Reservation Contract

Reservation Contract

On this date:______

Shichons of Stonebrooke (Seller) has agreed to sell and the below named (Buyer) has agreed to adopta puppy for the Adoption Fee named below, under the terms in this Agreement and described as follows:

Seller's Name: Meredith or Shannon Beiler
Seller's Address: 323 StonebrookeLn. Abbeville, SC 29620
Seller's Phone: (864) 446-2787 Cell (864) 378-5772

Adoption Fee______

Name of Puppy at Reservation______Sex:______

Date of Birth______Father:______Mother______
Buyer's Name:______
Buyer's Address: ______
Buyer's Phone: ______
Part of the Purchase Price will be paid immediately with this Agreement as a Puppy Reservation Fee to guarantee that Seller will hold the Puppy for the Buyer until the below specified Adoption Date.
The Puppy Reservation Fee is $100 and the balance will be due in cash or credit card (3% service charge added) at adoptionwhen the puppy is picked up by you or your representative. There are NO REFUNDS on Puppy Reservation Fees, unless otherwise agreed here in writing. This Non-refundable Puppy Reservation Fee signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow through with the Adoption of this Puppy.
The Seller reserves the right to void this transaction and return the Puppy Reservation Fee if she learns of any reason why Buyer might not be suitable for the puppy. In the rare occurrence of injury or decease while in Sellers care, the Puppy Reservation Fee will be returned to the Buyer in full, unless the Buyer wishes to apply the Reservation Fee to another puppy.

By signing this agreement, Buyer agrees under no circumstances to surrender dog/puppy to any sort of animal shelter, rescue facility, or institution. In the case that the Buyer can no longer properly care for puppy, Shichons of Stonebrooke must be contacted to help place in proper home.

Current Veterinarian's Name: ______
Current Veterinarian's Phone :______

This puppy will be available for the Buyer to pick on______. This date is based on our estimate of when the puppy will be weaned and ready to leave. If the Buyer is not able to pick up the puppy during the stated Adoption Days, a fee of $15 a day will be applied. If the Buyer does not contact Seller before or during Adoption Days to schedule pickup, puppy will go back up for sale and all monies given will be forfeited. Seller will make every effort to contact Buyer during that time. In the event the puppy is not ready to leave at that point, Seller reserves the right to change the Adoption Days date. Seller reserves ALL RIGHTS in making this determination.

All parties agree that this document is legal and binding and may be used in a court of law if deemed necessary.
I have read and understand The Surety of Action deposit agreement above and I agree to this document in full.

Buyer's Signature Date

Seller’s Signature Date
**Puppy Contract Must be submitted and signed and Puppy Hold Fee received before buyer can place puppy on hold. ALL remaining money MUST be paid when you pick up puppy.**

Thank you for your interest in providing one of my puppies with a loving and stable home. I look forward to meeting you. Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions you may have!

Meredith Beiler