Republic of Kosovonational Qualification Authority

Republic of Kosovonational Qualification Authority

Republic of KosovoNational Qualification Authority


No. 532/13

Date: 24.05.2013

Pursuant to the Articles 6 and 16 of the Law No. 03/L-60 on the National Qualifications dated on November 7, 2008 and the Administrative Instruction No.1/2011 - Criteria and procedures for validation and approval of the national qualifications and accreditation of institutions which provide qualifications in Kosovo Articles4, 7, 10 and 16,theSteering Councilof the National Qualification Authority, on the date 24.05.2013 issues this


  1. For the accreditation of “QPAP Oxford Studio”with 11 (eleven)branchesin Kosovo, 4 (four) branches in Prishtina, 2 (two) branches in Gjilan, 2 (two)branches in Prizren, 1 (one) branch in Klina, 1 (one) branch in Istog and 1 (one) branch in Gurakocfor the period 24.05.2013 -24.05.2016in providing English language courses:

1.1. Accreditation of institution/provider has been approved under the following conditions:


-In all branches, the students and the staff should be informed about the evacuation procedure in case of fire. Moreover, every branch should put the “Exit” sign;

-Certificate for completion of a certain level should bein compliance with the Common European Frameworkof References (CEFR)” and provide a brief description for the respective level in a certificate.

-Review the evaluation system of the final oral test in order that the results are more closely related to CEFR descriptions;

-Provide evidence on policy for the professional teaching skills developmentwhich is supported by NQA Instruction and the effective system for the implementation of this policy;

1.2.The deadline for meeting all requirements is 30.08.2013.

  1. Rationale

Upon the request of the institution/provider, on 24.05.2013, the NQA Governing Council brought this decision based on the recommendations deriving from the Evaluation Report of the Panel of Experts for the Accreditation of the Institution which provides and/or assesses andissues approved qualifications, and these recommendations are supported by the following facts and documents:

-Application for accreditation as an institution which provides an/or assesses and issues qualifications;

-Self-evaluation report;

-Site-visit to applicant institution/provider;

-Other additional documents;

2.1.The unsatisfied party with the decision is entitled to an appeal on the second instance body. The appeal should be made through the first instance body.

2.2 Requirements for approval and accreditation should be met within the deadline set by NQA.In case the institution/provider does not meet these requirements, NQA keeps the right to withdraw its approval and accreditation.

  1. Decision enters into force on the date of its signature.
  2. Decision will be delivered to:

-“QPAP Oxford Studio” - Prishtinë


Chairman of SC, NQA