Regional Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Regional Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Selection Criteria

Regional Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Japanese Fiscal Year 2017

Field Management Team of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringherebyestablishes and shares election criteria of the host of Regional Conference onElectrical and Electronics Engineering (RC EEE)in Japanese Fiscal Year 2017as follows:

  1. Requirements and details of support

Please refer to AUN/SEED-Net’s Implementation Guidelines and Application Form for Regional Conference Program (RC) JFY2016. The Implementation Guidelines and other information of AUN/SEED-Net Member Institutions (MIs) and Japanese Supporting Universities (JSUs) are available on the website

2. Recommendations

In order to submit distinguished RC proposal, MIs are strongly encouraged to include the below recommendations in the proposal. This will provide more chances to become theRC EEE organizer for JFY 2017. Nevertheless, the proposal should be tangible and realistic.Substantial changes after the awarded of RC host-ship will not be accepted.

2.1 Conference date
- Period: RCEEE 2017 must be implemented in July, October, November 1-14or December 2017.

- Duration: AUN/SEED-Net supports a maximum of 2 days of conference. Additional days are possible at the organizing MI’s own cost.

2.2 Joint conference

MIs are encouraged to jointly organized RC with other conferences (either local conference or international conference).

2.3Enriching RC

To enrich the RC program, the conference may provide below events;

  • Best paper award
  • Poster presentation
  • Campus and laboratory visits in organizing MI
  • Contribution of Host and Member institutionsfor the promotion of students’ presentation; for example support for accommodation in a student housing or campus dormitory
  • Best presentation award for students

2.4Special session and Invited Speaker

The EEE Field Management Team strongly encouragesRC organizer to arrange a special session on current event or issue related to Electrical and Electronics Engineeringapart from the main conference theme. The topic can be a subject that is currently on focus at that time, for example, to have separate session/keynote speech about majorEEE issues or events which is of common interest or concern in the region.

2.5University-Industry Collaboration

As University-Industry Collaboration is one of the core objectives in the 3rd Phase of AUN/SEED-Net, it is strongly recommended that the RC should include any form of collaboration amonguniversity, industry, community and/or government.

2.6 Others

(1)The venue of the conference shall be the city where MI locates.
(2) Conference is based on the abstract review (NOT based on the full paper review)

3. Selection process

3.1 Application requirement

Interested MI may complete the RC proposal using the application format from RC Guideline 2016. The expected names of Japanese academic staff participating in the proposed conference can be informed after the proposal is selected.

3.2 Application deadline
Applications, in soft copy (in PDF or JPEG format) must be submittedon or before January 7, 2017 to .

3.3 Notification of decision

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Field Management Team, as main host of EEE fieldwill screen the application. The result will be directly notified to the successful applicants and further announced via February 2017.

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