Question 1 Rubric- Sightlines Pg. 18

Question 1 Rubric- Sightlines Pg. 18

Question 1 Rubric- Sightlines Pg. 18:

Prompt: Sightlines question 1:

Write a response to the story, defending or condemning Mary Malone’s actions. Were her actions justified? Base your response on details from the story and your own opinion.

1)Make a structure before starting- mind map, lines, tree chart


Paragraph 1: Create an introduction- restate the situation and then your opinion

Ideas are organized, clear and concise

Paragraph 2: Ideas are supported with at least 2 pieces of evidence

Piece is revised

Paragraph 3: Conclusion sums up your point- does not introduce anything new

Sentences are complex and vocab is from the text to back up your response. You will be using the grade 9 rubric to assess your work.

How do I feel about this? No matter what somebody does to you, murder is never the answer.

What are the key words I should be using? Action, justification.

In life, it is never an option to take another person’s life away from them. In the short story A Lamb to Slaughter by Rohl Dahl, Mary Malone’saction is killing the man she loves with a frozen lamb leg, after he confesses to her that he has found a new woman. It has been said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorn. This may be true, but feeling that fury, that betrayal of the heart, is no reason to take someone’s right to life away from them.Mary’s Malone’s action of killing her husband out of passion was unjustified.

Mary Malone needs to control her temper. When her husband, Patrick, says to her that he is leaving her, Mary “simply walked up behind him and without any pause she swung the big frozen leg of lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the back of his head” (Pg. 15). The fact that she did not pause or wait shows that she was not in a sane, right mind. A person should never allow themselves to get so carried away in anger that they take the right of life away from another human being. Patrick’s fault or cheating is by no means to the same degree of “badness” as Mary’s act of murder. She put her quality of life and her brand new baby’s quality of life in jeopardy because of her careless actions.

Every person has a right to life. No one, no matter how a person may have hurt them, has the right to take away someone’s life. Life is more fragile and important than anything on this earth. Mary’s act of selfishness and insanity, shown by the fact that she “began to giggle” (pg. 18) once she knew she would never getcaught, shows a sick individual whose actions are not justified.

Tips for writing:

-Your quote cannot float

-Paragraph: 1) Topic sentence 2) Evidence and discussion 3) Wrap up or transition sentence.

-Introduce the GENRE, TITLE and AUTHOR in the first paragraph

-Conclusions do not bring new ideas

-Make a thesis statement at the end of the introduction paragraph. The thesis statement should have words from the prompt in the answer.

Writing: Tuesday

Proof-read Wednesday

Hand in good copy Friday