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Professional Education Foundation


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Annual Financial Assistance Applied for:

Zakat Qarze Hasna*

(* Qarze HasnaAgreement on Rs. 50 Bond Paper needs to be signed as per specimen attached)

Amount required: ______(Supporting fee structure required)

College/University Name: ______Discipline______

Duration of Study: ____ Years from ______to ______


Name: ______Father’s name: ______

Date of Birth: ______CNIC. No: ______

Home Address:______

Telephone: ______Cell # ______Email Address:______


Name of Institution / % marks / Year of passing

Family Information

Occupation of father/guardian / Monthly Income / Place of work/address

Total numbers of Family Members: ______

Income, if any of the other family member(s) is earning

Name of the member / Relation / Monthly Income

N.I.C Nos. of all family members above 18 years

Relation / CNIC No. / Relation / CNIC No.

Number of brothers/sisters studying with details

Name / Relation / Details

If father is not alive who is the guardian:

Name______Relation ______

In case of any physical disability /nature of handicap please give details (Attach document)

Give information which may make your case for financial assistance strong

Name of two persons with their address and telephone nos. who knows you and

your family and can provide confirmation if needed by the foundation.

i) Name ______Tel ______
ii) Name______Tel ______

I solemnly declare that all above information is correct and that I am attaching all the supporting documents with the application. Also, I affirm that I am not taking financial assistance from any other source. (If taking, please describe donor’s name and amount)

Date: Signature of Applicant:

For University/College Use:

Date application received:______Application number: ______

Amount appliedfor:Tuition/Hostel Amount recommended: Rs.______

By Respective University

Signature: ______Stamp: date: ______

(Coordinator –Respective University)


Amount Approved byPEF: Rs.______

Signature: ______Stamp: date: ______

(Approving authority PEF)

Application will only be considered if supported with following documents.

1. Proof of your admission to PEF approved government professional education institution or
if you are already studying in a govt. run professional college/university.
2. Attested copy of mark sheet of Matric and Intermediate.
3. Supporting document in case you have any physical disability.
4. Supporting document which proves loss of father incase of orphan.
5. Proof of income of the family (Certificate or salary slip of the father and of other
earning members) or a certificate from a local Councilor or Imam e Masjid.
6. Utility Bill (Telephone, Electricity, Gas) most recent/family residence.

Qarze Hasna Agreement

This agreement is made effective from______for a period of one year


Mr. Miss. ______S/o D/o______

R/o ______Email address: ______

Telephone # ______Fax # ______Mobile # ______

having got admitted on merit in ______year of ______degree program in

______University (Hereinafter called “Student”)


Professional Education Foundation, a Trust incorporated in Pakistan having its office on 2ndfloor, 20-C, 26thStreet, Tauheed Commercial Area, Phase V, DHA, Karachi, 75500, (Hereinafter called as ‘PEF”)

The agreement will be renewable on yearly basis subject to fulfillment of Terms & Conditions by the student given here as under. The management of PEF being the sole arbiter to decide on continuation of the agreement.

This agreement may not in any way be construed as a commitment or an obligation on the part of PEF to continue to provide financial assistance in the subsequent years of student’s studies

Terms and Conditions:

Details ofQarze Hasna as agreed between Student and PEF:

  1. PEF undertakes to pay an amount of Rs.______on behalf of the Student directly to the educational institute he is deemed to be studying in. The transfer of funds will take place after student has complied and met with the entire requirement, same being endorsed by a competent authority of the institute in question. (actual amounts will depends on subject of graduation, boarding & lodging & different costs of studying, it will be filled accordingly) for four /five years(dependingon subject)
  2. The Student is obliged to send regularly to PEF directly or through the institute semester wise satisfactory performance report on the progress of his studies. The performance in examinations being the main determinant for continuation of Qarze Hasna in the following years.
  1. During the period of agreement student undertakes not to indulge in any activity deemed objectionable by the educational institute or considered unethical by PEF.
  1. The student is expected to keep PEF informed of any scholarship/financial assistance received by him from any other source(s) during the period of the agreement. Withholding of such information,shall immediately disqualify the student from any further financial assistance from PEF.
  1. The student also agrees to inform PEF of any change in the address and contact telephone numbers during the period of this agreement.
  1. After successful completion of the studies the student will be obliged to send copy of graduation certificate / degree endorsed by the competent authority of the institute/university.

Schedule for Repayment of Qarze e Hasna

The Student agrees and feels morally obligated to make repayment of the Qarze Hasna as per following schedule for each year of the financial assistance granted to him:

A)To start with four quarterly repayments of Rs. 1000 each during the first year immediately after the graduation i.e. totaling Rs. 4,000 annually.

B)Quarterly repayment of Rs. 2000 each during the second year after graduation i.e. totaling Rs. 8000/-.

C)Balance amount to be divided equally over a period of next three years to be paid on quarterly basis in equal installments.

Student agrees to comply with the above repayment schedule and confirms it to be his moral and religious responsibility. It may be understood that defaults on repayment without any tenable or admissible reason will be against the letter and spirit of this agreement and with its religious implications on the student.

PEF confirms in case timely payment are made by a student, the last two quarter payments in the fifth year after graduation will be waived off. He could be considered as a candidate for PEF Scholarship for higher education (programme under consideration) and will be Included as an active member of the growing PEF student fraternity.

This agreement is executed and signed in witness whereof on ______, 2014



Student PEF Executive Team President



Name & Signature ​​​(Student’s behalf) Witness Name & Signature​ (PEF Behalf)

CNIC # ______​​​​ CNIC # ______

Address: ______​​​​ Address ______


Email Address: ______​​​ Email Address ______

Telephone # ______Mobile # ______​​Tele #______Mobile # ______