Procedures for Conducting a Functional Behaviorassessment(FBA)

Procedures for Conducting a Functional Behaviorassessment(FBA)

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Procedures for Conducting a Functional BehaviorAssessment(FBA)

  • The purpose of this assessment is to conduct an environmental survey, defining situations and / or patterns of pervasive problematic behavioral and/or discipline issues because:
  1. The student is going through a Manifestation Hearing and has never had an FBA or
  2. The student is experiencing chronic behavioral problems and not responding to routine interventions( See Re-eval Review Procedures and Special Review Procedures)
  • The IEP Team convenesa Re-evaluation Review / Special Review meeting to review the behavioral concerns and /or disciplinary offense, previous referrals/offenses, student’s last evaluation, grades, attendance, schedule and current IEP.
  • The Functional Behavior Assessment is completed by the IEP Team – lead by the Psychologist, reviewing teacher data checklists SPE 76 a, b, c and answering all questions.
  • Antecedents, triggers, and trendsare identified.
  • Frequency, duration, magnitude and location are outlined.
  • Involve the student, as much as possible, in this process. ( Ex: Interview student)
  • Student Driven Process…..”P.A.R.”

Problem (student identifies)

Action ( student develops plan to correct problem)

Reflection ( student has time to journal / write about behavioral episode and amend plan of action

Forms needed:

  • ExcentNotifications/Responses (1st & 2nd )
  • Notice / Consent for Re-evaluation
  • Excent Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA)
  • Excent Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Amended IEP Cover Page, Signature Page and any other

Additions / deletions made to the IEP

  • SPE 20Monitoring Checklist
  • SPE 21Minutes/PWN
  • SPE 26aStatus Sheet
  • SPE 76 a,b,cFBA Environmental Survey - Teacher Checklist/Team Review
  • SPE 77-1Re-evaluation Review Form


  1. Case manager distributes the SPE 76 a/b FBA Checklists to all the student’s teachers 1 week before the meeting, so they have their data prepared at the meeting.
  2. Case manager chairs the meeting with administrator,psychologist, guidance, parents, regular ed teacher(s) and student to review the student’s behavior and /or disciplinary offense.
  3. The IEP Team, with the psychologist as the lead, reviews the teacher’s responses to the a/b Checklist.
  4. The team then answers the questions in the EXCENT Functional Behavior Assessment Form. (Student participation encouraged, when age appropriate))
  5. Student is actively involved in the process. ( Identify Problem Behavior; Develop Action Plan to Correct Behavior; Reflect in Writing if Behavior Continues)
  6. All members of the IEP Team sign the FBA.
  7. The next step is to write a newEXCENT Behavior Intervention Plan. ( BIP)
  8. Amend IEP: Present Levels of Performance – Functional Section; Add behavioral goals and benchmarks; decide how to measure / document progress.
  9. Send All Originals of Invitations / Responses,20, 21, 26, 75, 77, 78 to the special services secretary within 2 weeks of the meeting date.. Your school attendance secretary should also receive a copy of SPE 26a for EFA changes.