President of the US Honorable Donald J. Trump

President of the US Honorable Donald J. Trump

Chain of Command

President of the USHonorable Donald J. Trump

Vice PresidentHonorable Mike Pence

Secretary of DefensesHonorable James Mattis

Secretary of StateHonorable Tillerson Rex

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of StaffGen. Joseph Dunford

Secretary of the Air ForceHonorable Heather Wilson

Chief of Staff, Air ForceGen. David Goldfien

Chief Master SergeantCMSAF Kaleth Wright

Of the Air Force

Commander, Air EducationLt.Gen. Darryl L. Roberson

And Training Command

Commander, Air UniversityLt. Gen Steven L. Kwast

Commander Holm CenterBrig. Gen Billy d. Thompson

Commander, Air Force ROTCCol. Tammy M. Knierim

Director, Air Force JROTCCol. Bobby Woods Jr.


Senior Aerospace Lt Col. SusanaMarkin


Aerospace Science MSgt. Eugene Wright


Corps Commander C/ Capt. Matthew Oliver

Vice Corps Commander C/ Garcia- Gonzales / Valenzuela

Operations Squadron Commander C/ Capt. Guadalupe Garcia-Gonzalez

Support Squadron Commander C/ 1st Lt Melissa Valenzuela

Unit Number: CA-931

Phonetic Alphabet

A- AlphaN- November

B- BravoO- Oscar

C- CharlieP- Papa

D- DeltaQ- Quebec

E- EchoR- Romeo

F- FoxtrotS- Sierra

G- GolfT- Tango

H- HotelU- Uniform

I- IndiaV- Victor

J- JulietW- Whiskey

K- KiloX- X-Ray

L- LimaY- Yankee

M- MikeZ- Zulu

Military Time

12:00 am- 2400 hrs.12:00 pm- 1200 hrs.

1:00 am- 0100 hrs.1:00 pm- 1300 hrs.

2:00 am- 0200 hrs.2:00 pm- 1400 hrs.

3:00 am- 0300 hrs.3:00 pm- 1500 hrs.

4:00 am- 0400 hrs.4:00 pm- 1600 hrs.

5:00 am- 0500 hrs.5:00 pm- 1700 hrs.

6:00 am- 0600 hrs.6:00 pm- 1800 hrs.

7:00 am- 0700 hrs.7:00 pm- 1900 hrs.

8:00 am- 0800 hrs.8:00 pm- 2000 hrs.

9:00 am- 0900 hrs.9:00 pm- 2100 hrs.

10:00 am- 1000 hrs.10:00 pm- 2200 hrs.

11:00 am- 1100 hrs.11:00 pm- 2300 hrs.

12:00 am- 0000 Hrs



CA-931 Cadet Honor Code

On my word of honor, I will not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do.

USAF Core Values

Integrity First

ServiceBefore Self

Excellencein All We Do

Mission Statement of JROTC:

Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.

Uniform Wear

AFI 36-2903

Goals for AFJROTC:

Educate and train high school students in citizenship.

Promote community service.

Instill responsibility.

Provide instruction in air and space fundamentals.

Attributes of a Leader

Respect: Willingness to show consideration or appreciation. Also being regarded with honor or esteem.

Trustworthiness: Warranting trust, reliable.

Perseverance: Steady persistence in adhering to a course of action, belief or a purpose; steadfastness.

Responsibility: Capable of adapting to change and reacting to new or unforeseen circumstances.

Adaptability: The power or ability to begin and follow through energetically with a plan or task without external direction.

Initiative: The power or ability to begin and follow through energetically with a plan or task without external direction.

Compassion: Deep awareness/empathy of another coupled with wish to relieve it.

Contemplation: Think through all the alternatives for the best possible solution.

Courage: The state of quality of mind or spirit that enables on to face danger or fear with self-possession, come or focus on the most hopeful aspects of any situation.

Optimism: A tendency to expect the best possible outcome or focus on the most hopeful aspects of any situation.

Honesty: The quality or condition of being truthful and sincere.

Updated: 9/28/17

Reporting Statements

Greeting: Good morning/afternoon, sir/ma’am. C/ Last Name, reports ready for inspection sir/ma’am

Current Event: Sir/Ma’am, my current event is as follows: on the date of Day-Month-Year. Sir/ma’am.

Unknown Information:Sir/Ma’am, this cadet is unaware of that information at this time, sir/ma’am.

Rank (Drill Team):Sir/Ma’am, there is no rank in drill team, only positions such as commander, and element leader sir/ma’am.

Air Force Establishment Date:

September 18, 1947

Air Force Mission Statement:

To defend the United States through exploration of air and space

Description of M1903 Springfield:

Sir/ma’am, the description of the M1903 Springfield is as follows: United States rifle .30 caliber M1903 Springfield is a light weight, Bolt action, air cooled shoulder weapon which consists of three main groups; the stock group, the trigger housing group, and the barrel-receiving group. It has a maximum

Effective range of 500 yards and a muzzle velocity of 2800 feet per second. It weighs approximately 9.5 pounds and has a length of 43.6 inches sir/ma’am.

M1903 Springfield Replica Facts:

Manufacturer: Glendale

Model: Drill America M1903 Springfield

Weight: roughly 8 pounds

Cadet Ranks


E-1C/ Airman Basic

E-2C/ Airman

E-3C/ Airman First Class

E-4C/ Senior Airman

E-5C/ Staff Sergeant

E-6C/ Technical Sergeant

E-7C/ Master Sergeant

E-8C/ Senior Master Sergeant

E-9C/ Chief Master Sergeant


O-1C/ Second Lieutenant

O-2C/ First Lieutenant

O-3C/ Captain

O-4C/ Major

O-5C/ Lieutenant Colonel

O-6C/ Colonel

Flag Reference

American Flag

13 Stripes: 13 original colonies

-7 Red

-6 White

Red: Valor

White: Purity

Blue: Justice

50 Stars: 50 States

California Flag

Bear: Strength

Star: Lone Star of Texas

Red: Valor

White: Purity

“California Republic”