Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter

We’re now approaching the cooler seasons of the year and may be considering what we can do to keep ourselves in good health during this time.

One way of preparing is to make sure your immunisations are up to date. At Wistaria and Milford Surgeries we can offer seasonal influenza, pneumonia and shingles vaccinations to those patients who are eligible. There is no charge for these immunisations.

Seasonal Influenza

Flu is an unpredictable virus that can cause mild or unpleasant illness in most people. It can cause severe illness and even death among vulnerable groups. The flu vaccine is available to those who are in the ‘at risk’ group and the following are the main people who are eligible:-

  • Patients over 65 years of age
  • Those who have chronic (long-term) respiratory diseases such as asthma
  • Pregnant women
  • Those with other chronic diseases such as heart disease
  • Patients who live with or patients who are immunocompromised
  • Those who have a BMI of 40 or over
  • Children over the age of six months with a long term health condition
  • Children aged two, three and four plus children in school years one, two and three

The above is not an exhaustive list but if you have not been invited for a flu vaccination and believe you may be eligible you can complete a ‘request for flu vaccination form’ - please ask for one at reception. Please leave a week after completing this form before calling for a vaccination appointment so that the doctor has time to consider your request.


A pneumococcal infection can affect anyone but some people are at higher risk or serious illness andcanbe given the pneumococcal vaccination free of charge on the NHS. These include the following:-

  • Babies
  • Adults aged 65 or over
  • Children and adults with certain chronic health conditions, such as a serious heart or kidney condition

Babies receive the pneumococcal vaccine as three separate injections, at eight weeks, 16 weeks and one year old.

People over 65 only need a single pneumococcal vaccination, which will protect for life. Unlike the seasonal flu jab it is not given annually.

Patients with long-term health conditions may need a single, one-off vaccination or five-yearly vaccination depending on their particular health problem.


Shingles is a common, painful skin disease caused by the chickenpox virus. It can be very painful and uncomfortable and some people are lift with pain lasting for years after the initial rash has healed.

The vaccination is available on the NHS to certain people in their 70s. The shingles vaccine is not available to anyone aged 80 and over because it seems to be less effective to those in this age group.

From 1st September 2016 to 31st August 2017 patients aged 70 to 73, 78 and 79 are eligible.

Please go to the link below to see if you are eligible for a shingles vaccination:-

For further information regarding vaccinations please take a look at the NHS Choices website at